Silver Lake (?)

After spending a week with my parents, it was time to get Christian back. It was amazing how much I got done while he was away, almost got used to it! But not quite. I took the girls and met my parents and grandparents at a lake for a picnic lunch. It was so windy we had to hold our food down, Jadah wouldn't stop crying for who knows why, and Christian peed on the playground but wouldn't go again before it was time to get in the car and go home.
Mom took him in the lake for a bit. He made it his responsibility to clear the water of all leaves and debris. Way to go son.
Footsies in the water...
And then the inevitable happened, Christian face-planted in the water.
And I got pictures:

Is it so wrong that while he's screaming I'm taking a picture? I think he was a little traumatized and was being overdramatic.
I carried him away from the water, and within a few seconds, he was walking merrily to do this:
He had found a little paper, which he called his "ticket" which had to be inserted into the hole to make it work.  Brilliant child.
My grandparents got to see the girls and it was wonderful to see them as well!
Fun day.
(The lack of the exclamation point is due the fact that though it was fun, it was also a bit stressful.  That's just the way things role sometimes).

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