Spring Update on Adriah

Our dear sweet Adriah Faith.  She is a month away from turning ONE!  Her mother's day gift to me: she blew me kisses all on her own!  As far as I know, no one taught her.  She is at that point where she is learning new things everyday and becoming more like a little person rather than a cooing baby.  It's crazy, and more amazing to me more with each child.
I imagine this to be true for others that have gone through situations where a life was almost lost, but we are so much more thankful that her life was spared now even more than when she was in the hospital back at 2 months old.  Getting to know her more and experience the joy she has brought has made us love her that much more.  Of course, it may also be possible that we are quicker to love her because of almost losing her.
I'm rambling!
Sometimes you meet those babies that are really happy.  I'm so glad to report that Adriah is (for the most part) one of those babies!  She's fairly content, smiley, and bright eyed.
She took her first steps yesterday, and will certainly walk before long.  She loves going up the stairs... if I get distracted downstairs then go to look for her I might find her up in the twin's room or opening the drawers in my bathroom.  I've gotta keep an eye on her!  At least she's cute to look at.   :)

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