Before and After Kitchen and Bath

We have lived in our current house since December, and have made quite a few changes along the way.  This week, I'd like to show you what went down.
First, the kitchen and bathroom.
We added an island with a bar, painted the cabinets, got a new(used) stove, new sink and faucet.  One thing I didn't get to was painting that green stripe at the top (was going to make it white).
We put in new track lighting...
And added cute shelving above the stove.  I was planning on painting it white also, but just didn't get to it.

Bathroom, before:
(unfortunately you can't see the lovely blue toilet with seashell seat, or the fake gold gilded mirror mounted so high I could only see down to my chin!  Also, the vanity is blue, the walls are blue, the floor is blue laminate, even the trim is blue!)


Things were were only accomplished thanks to my Father-in-Law.  He does a truly amazing job with all the little, ehh, BIG projects we give him to do!
Next time: bedrooms!

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