South Bend Visit

Simon had a very busy work schedule and had to work evenings for a week, so I took the chance to go stay with my parents (and have some company).  They just moved into their new house in South Bend, so it was time for decorating!  It was a thrill to leave the kids with my mom and go shopping for stuff.  Ericka (my sis) was able to come for a few days too--- so made quite the time of it.  
Our activities involved going to the park for a picnic, McDonalds for ice cream, walking along the riverwalk, spray painting outdated frames, shopping of course, and not to forget, taking care of the babies.  Oh yeah, and Selah rolled over for the first time too.  The girls are down to eating 5 times a day and have been sleeping through the night for over a month now (meaning from about 9pm-7am approximately).  Let me just say, life has been SO much better in the last month than in the previous 3 before that.  That whole being hugely pregnant and newborn baby thing are enough to kill a  person.  Whew!... but hey look, here I am, and alive nonetheless!
Anyway--- here are some (tiny) pictures from our trip to South Bend.
(Speaking of South Bend: if you ever have to drive through it, you will learn at least 2 things.
1: they have a TON of "Left Turn Lights"/"No Turn on Red" stuff.  But apparently you are supposed to go through it until the absolute last minute before you get hit by traffic coming the other way.
2: Road painting is minimal... so if a road is wide enough for two lanes, even if it isn't marked as such, it IS 2 lanes.  This one took a while for me to figure out... why is this person passing me in a single lane road?!?!? ahhh!  Fun times.  :)
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Keeping it Brief

So I guess posting once a month is the best I can do right now. 
These pictures are a few weeks old, but they're a good start!

Christian got his summer hair cut!
**Note to all moms (or wives): it is among my beliefs that an essential tool/skill you should learn is cutting your dude's hair.  There are videos on you tube to help get you started: I know it is scary chopping away at someone's hair, but with practice, you'll be a pro.  It will literally save you HUNDREDS of dollars during your life, especially if you have boys.  I primarily use clippers on Simon's, and did with Christian's this time too.  You can do it!  Just a thought! :)
And the gals are(were) 3 1/2 months old... getting so big!

More to come soon!
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