Before and After Part Bedrooms

Before I continue with our before and afters, I want to fill in a bit more information. This house was a rental, one of those things that God worked out so perfectly. The owner came into possession of the house as an inheritance and wasn't quite sure what to do with it. We were able to rent it and do our own renovations. We did all the work, but we were able to take the cost off of our rent. Sweet deal.
Also, I was largely pregnant during a lot of the work! I got most of the house painted before I got too big, but the entire kitchen/dining area were finished just 2-3 weeks before the girls were born. Unfortunately, my camera was broken during that time, or else you'd get to see pictures of my HUGE belly, enormous swollen feet and legs, standing on stools and chairs to get those kitchen cabinets painted. Not fun folks! But I wasn't alone, I have others to thank!...my Mom, Rachel Bowman, Wendy Puffer, and April Barcalow: you were all wonderful help when it came to painting!
Now onto the pictures. This is a 3 bedroom house. We kept it simple, just painting the walls, making the ceilings white, and adding new ceiling fans/lights.  I think the thing that makes the biggest difference is painting the trim white.
Please understand, these rooms are NOT perfection, or even close to it!  They are lived in, unorganized, and unfinished, but we are moving now, so any effort to hang more things on walls or put away clutter just isn't going to happen at this point.
Christian's Room, before(it was a lot more blue than it looks!):

Nursery before:
 (this room was a lot cuter before we had to stuff a second crib in it!)

Master Bedroom, before:

(I really dislike those pillows on the bed... planning on making new covers someday)
Next: living and dining rooms!
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