Short Update

Simon is trying to get Christian started early:
(Mere Christianity--- seems appropriate, yes?)

After bath time: what a fun robe!

And just for kicks... remember this Amy? My, how our boys have grown!

More pictures coming soon. We are going to Lake Michigan tomorrow with some friends, and planning to have a very fun time! We'll have plenty of pictures after this I'm sure.
Have a great day!

Completed Shades

Some of you know that I made some Roman Shades for a job earlier this summer. I finally got the chance to go see them installed! After all that hard work, it is so good to see them put to use.

Here is a picture of the finished product:

Shades anyone? :)


Little Trip to Iowa

Simon, Christian and I made a trip to Iowa for the last 2 days to help my sister Ericka and her husband Josh move into their new apartment. She will be a nurse in the ICU while he attends Palmer School of Chiropractics. They got a place on the 3rd floor without elevators: so the guys really showed off their muscles (and boy was I impressed!).

Here we are before our spaghetti dinner together:
(And yes, Christian is tied to the chair! You do what you can.)

This is Christian sleeping on the way home (we loved those restful moments!):

In other news, Christian is starting to make some friends. This is Gracie, a girl 2 months older than Christian who we were babysitting one night. So cute playing the piano together!:

Christian found an apple I left at too low of an elevation, and to my surprise, he bit right in, and KEPT eating! He ate most of the apple, just walking around chewing. I loved it!:

ALSO: we sold our house! It will be inspected on Monday, so hopefully everything is in proper order. We won't be closing until October, so we will hopefully have time to find a new house (or a place to rent). Your prayers are welcomed.


My Little Water Munchkin

Christian and I spend a lot of time in the backyard. And if there happens to be water in the pool, then Christian will be in it too. The other day I "let" him get in with all his clothes on-- what fun. :)
In our most recent pool adventure, he was enthralled with water falling out of the sky.

And then he was amazed by water coming out of the hose...

And then he was playing like a crazy boy... like always...

Feel free to drop by for a pool party! Open daily. :)


This is for Linz!

Hi Everyone, here is a link to a tutorial on a blog I just found and LOVE... and I LOVE this idea, and want to try it ASAP! Lindsey Lange--- I am going to send you a personal email with this link b/c I KNOW you will also LOVE this! :)

Click here: making leaf and flower prints

Enjoy! (and don't be surprised if you ever get a card from me and it has a plant-print on it!)


Up For Grabs!

I'm officially on ETSY! I just finished a diaper bag I'd been trying to start since Christmas. If you go to etsy.com, change the search bar to look under "sellers", and type in "rachelhenry" (all one word)... you will find my name and can click on it, and click on the bag to see it! Hope that made sense. :) Any buyers?

Here's a direct link:
Rachel's Diaper Bag For Sale

For Sale By Owner

Some of you know that we put our house up for sale a few months ago. We showed it one time, and hadn't had much interest besides. BUT, about 2 weeks ago, some people came to look and wanted to make an offer! They DID--- this past Monday. But on Monday, I also showed the house to another couple, and they made of offer YESTERDAY! So now we are in the thick of things, making calls for advice from our realtor friends (you know who you are!---thank you!).

Depending on what happens, we may move sooner rather than later, which means I would have to PACK. Yikes--- what a task. I haven't even thought about it yet. And then there is the question of where to move. There is a house we like a few miles away, but it was taken off the market a few weeks ago. If things go through with ours, we will approach them to see if they are still interested in selling. If not, we're back to square UNO. But we're okay with renting for a little while in between. So please pray that the right person gets our house and that it all works out for the best. God is amazingly faithful and I ask myself all the time why He is so good to us.

Our little house on Landess Street may not belong to us much longer, so I am enjoying every moment of it! Check it out at www.owners.com/gbp2460


Kitty Walk

Besides the fact that my parents were joining me, it was a typical morning walk (Christian and I go almost every weekday). We had just started and were one block away from my house, when this little kitten ran out from under a parked car "meowing" as it ran to us. I took advantage of the opportunity to show Christian a kitty, and teach him "what kitty says." He loved it!
So we were ready to keep walking, but we all knew this cat wasn't just going to stay put. He started following closely at our heels. Across a busy street even!
My walk is usually a half hour, and it's no lie that this little cat followed us the whole way! I felt bad so I carried him some of it. On the way back home, I made sure to back by where he started following us, and it was evident there was no other kittens or mother. So he followed us all the way home. "oh great" I thought. "what will Simon do to me for bringing home a cat!?" (if you know Simon, you know the last thing he wants is something that walks on 4 legs).

But I felt bad for the skinny kitty, so I put some milk in a dish and walked 1/2 a block away under a tree. And there I left the milk. But it wasn't long before the kitty came running back.
Not long after, a neighborhood cat (which I had never seen before and looked like a mountain lion!) came over to inspect the new addition. Unfortunately, nothing interesting happened.
We had some fun times playing with kitty:

Christian pulled it's tail:

We kept asking, "what are we going to do with it?"... but our answer finally came. Two kids were nearby, a girl on a bike and a boy walking. I asked her if she'd ever seen this cat, to which she replied "no!" Then I told her it followed us home. She asked the boy if he'd ever seen it, and once he saw it, he got the most scared look on his face (as if this little kitty was about to attack him!).
Sure enough, the kitten saw them and started following them. This boy, however, ran for his life. The girl was close behind him. And struggling to keep up behind her was the little kitty. I didn't know children were scared of kittens?! Well, I was a little worried about this kitty's life, especially when I looked down the street later to see a group of kids throwing things at our precious kitten. And that was the last time I saw it. Poor Kitty.
(If you look very closely, the kitty is behind the girl on the bike to the left).
(and the boy is running like a mad man by the road sign).
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