The Munchkins

I realize I have neglected to mention my sweet-three in the rush of all these creative posts.  They are still alive and well; thriving in fact.  Here's an update:
Talks all the time, is very independent, and is a major ham.  He is an awesome big brother.   He is working on potty training... still has accidents (why can't he tell me he has to pee before it starts coming out?!), but he is staying dry for naps and usually overnight.  Our favorite part is his little tushie without a great big diaper on it!
Still has more hair than Jadah(only slightly), has a mole on her right arm, and is a good eater.  She always finishes her bottle first (I start at the same time), and she is doing great eating with a spoon.  She seems to be the more serious of the two, but will still smile way too easily.  She gets up on all fours, but has yet to crawl.  Weighs 18 lb, 4oz.
Jadah is a silly girl, extremely smiley, and a slow eater.  She has yet to get the hang of the spoon and pushes most bites out with her tongue.  She gets up on all fours and sometimes scoots to reach an object.  Weighs 17 lb. 15oz. (still the smaller one!).
Both girls drool excessively (why did I say I'd never have babies that drooled!?).  They are definitely bigger babies than Christian was!  When buying clothes I was counting on them fitting for at least 3 months after the age on the tag... but instead, they are wearing clothes 3 months ahead of their age.  I still keep them on the same schedule for eating and sleeping.  They are sleeping about 11 hours each night and take 2 long + 1 short nap each day.  I'm about to start giving them vegetables.  Feedings will start taking a while again... but much messier!

Gotta love 'em!

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Rhonda (Grandma P) said...

They are the absolute cutest! I love this picture. What fun and laughter they bring to your home. I think I could use a hug from all three.

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