We Must Have Died...

...or so you thought!
My embarrassment for not writing in a month almost kept me from starting any post at all, but I know it had to come at some point.  You probably think we are still in Rome... or that our flight crashed on the way home and we never posted again.   Wrong!  We're alive and well, and so glad that the Christmas break is here so that we can recover after busy last 4 weeks.

#1- We made it back safely from Rome.  The trip was long, and I was so sore from sitting on the plane, but we made it.  When we reunited with Christian, I bawled (which was completely unexpected).  He squealed and ran around, then once we picked him up, he wouldn't let go of our necks... holding on for dear life with the sweetest smile on his face.  I couldn't stop crying!  So precious.

#2- We had a great Thanksgiving with Simon's family.  It's been a month, and I can't remember details.
#3- I can't remember if or when I last updated about the house situation, but buying the new house fell through: didn't appraise for enough.  So we decided to rent a 3 bedroom house with a 2 car garage to get us through.  As soon as we got back from Rome, I went to work cleaning, painting, and prepping the place for us to move in.  A SUPER thanks to my mom, Cindy, and Rachel B. for helping: honestly could NOT have done it without your help!  We were able to choose new carpet for the living room and it made such an improvement... now we can have some quality floor-time with Christian.  A week later, we moved in with the wonderful help of some friends (Thanks to Danny, Tony, Ryan, Nathan, my parents, and Beth).  So now we've been in for a week and I've been able to unpack a few things, but it's still a complete mess.  We are enjoying the upgrade in size from our 1-bedroom apartment!  Our new address is listed on our facebook profile or if you need it, just email. :)
#4- We spent last weekend with my parents in South Bend, and Josh and Ericka were able to come from Davenport as well!  We enjoyed spending "Christmas" together, eating good food, and watching the snow.   We were especially blessed by my parents when they gave us our Christmas gift: their van!  We are now the proud owners of a Chrysler Town and Country, and reminded of God's faithfulness to provide.   Thank you!
#5- We're now in Maryland and it is Christmas Day.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  We came here 2 days ago and have been enjoying more time with family.  We're about to eat our big lunch, so I have to finish, but I wanted to update and wish you all the best on this festive day of remembrance.

Side Note: Pregnancy-Belly shot from when in Rome, when I was about 22-23 weeks pregnant:

On Monday, Simon and I will head to Baltimore for a Wesleyan youth conference... representing IWU.  Then we'll be back for New Year's eve celebrations and eventually head back to IN.  I will be sure to post a few times while we are here.  Then hopefully we'll get the internet at our new house so that I can do better at this thing called blogging.

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