Our family had a new experience this past weekend! We got to go through a corn maze: yippee! Okay, so maybe not “yippee” but it was a nice together-time. We went with Simon’s family and it was a beautiful fall afternoon.
My boys:

The fam:

And I have not yet posted pictures of my other growing babies! This first picture was at 11 weeks (just after we found out we were having twins) I pretty much look normal:

And this is at 17 weeks:

I just started looking barely pregnant about a week ago: very suddenly: and now I feel like I definitely look pregnant! This is the part where I grow exponentially faster than I would be if it were just one baby. I have 2 friends (shout out to Amy and Tiff) who are pregnant and 5 weeks ahead of me… but I’m pretty sure I’m staying even with them in the bulging-belly race.
Yes, I’ve felt great. Yes, I’ve felt them move on occasion. No, Christian hasn’t the slightest idea of what is going on. Yes, we are still going to Rome in a month (woo hoo!).

In other things, please please pray that things with our new house go through. There have been some issues with the mortgage company and appraisal (nothing wrong with the house… just technical things)… and so we’re starting the process with another loan company blah blah blah. Basically we’re praying that if this is the house God has for us, it will work out. If not, then we’re back to square one with looking for a place and it would need to be soon. And while were talking about things we need, if anyone has a nice mini-van your considering selling, let us know. ☺ Or I could also mention a double stroller, crib, car-seat, or double breast pump. Spread the word, we’re apparently starting our own charity.

This Friday night is our small group Halloween party: dress up as a famous couple! You will not want to MISS the pictures of this one! Just wait until you see our little family decked out for this event. ☺ We are in PA/MD until Thursday for Simon’s job, and we are very much enjoying our time with family.

PS—My parents are moving to Indiana today! How exciting that they will be only 2 hours away (instead of 9).

Have a happy week!


What a Weekend!

So Saturday was a stressful day--- but we're out of our house and into our apartment.  We don't have internet though, so I may be very bad at posting for the next 3 months.  But I want to make sure and post pics of our apartment so you can see where we are abiding... it's quite... quaint. :)
Right now I am in the student center at IWU, Simon is running around somewhere with Christian to give me some much needed alone time.  Does this count as a good alone-time activity?

Also, we had another doctor's appointment today: still heard 2 heartbeats! (yay!).  And over the weekend I suddenly grew into a pregnant woman.... yeah for looking pregnant!

Anyway, thanks for understanding the blog-funk, be back sometime.


Last Week in Our Little Yellow House...

The final week has arrived.  We will be moving next Saturday--- anyone who wants to help is welcomed.  We are moving into a quite small, upstairs one-bedroom apartment.  So this week will be busy packing, cleaning, and moving stuff to either our apartment or our storage unit (and trying to figure out what we WON'T need for the next 3 months).
I had the great chance to go to a craft show yesterday with Rachel Bowman... she makes and sells amazing jewelry, she does great at the shows!  I took all the baby-stuff I've been sewing, and I heard a lot of really great comments and a lot of people really liked it.  Unfortunately, it seemed that the economy and the lack of people who know pregnant women kept sales down.  Way down.  I actually didn't even sell one thing.  *sniff sniff.  But all of my stuff is now listed on my etsy store (etsy.com, search for rachelhenry under sellers).   I also have a good stock of gifts for future baby showers. :)

This was my little table next to Rachel's jewelry table:

(Rachel's a pro at this!)

Christian really likes cottage cheese. :)

My men (Simon is obviously on phone!):

More again next Sunday...


RM Henry & Sons

I am not being paid to publish this "ad"... and even though those ARE my initials, it is not my company.  Simon's dad and I have the same initials, and he is a contractor with his own business.

They have company t-shirts.
Christian needs pajamas.

Large shirt + current pj's (as a pattern)...

= New PJ's for Christian!

(because we all know that every little child needs a huge pocket smack-dab on the middle of their chest!)(and I had to use some other fabric for the arms)

They fit! I think he likes them...
(sorry, he just happened to be standing in the bathroom...)

Way to go, RM Henry & Sons... and Grandsons too!

So alas, there IS hope for those t-shirts that don't get worn very often!

Life with the Henry's...

Since I won't be packing, cleaning or sewing today, I figured it was a good time to update our blog.  I always enjoy the time with Christian when Simon is away.  Even though it is tiring, I am somehow more motivated and fall more in love with him.  It's our bonding time.  He has learned two new tricks while Simon has been gone (so much to show daddy!)...
#1- There were some papers in the living room which were trash, so I balled them up for him to play with.  But once I gave them to him, I though, "hmm, I'll try something."  So I said "Christian, go throw these away in the trash can."  To my surprise, he turned right around, marched to the kitchen, and tossed the wad of paper in with barely a second thought.  YAY!  We did this several times, and he even cooperated and showed it to Josh and Ericka when they came to visit.  I just hope I don't start finding toys and important things in the trash (although since then, if he finds a little scrap of trash or paper around the house, he'll bring it and throw it away...  he knows those things are "yucky").
#2- I packed a very small box of books and set it in front of the sofa, it's only about 6" high.  He has been using it to climb on and off the sofa and really enjoys it.  Well yesterday, he decided to try "stepping off" onto the floor and landing on his feet... essentially JUMPING!  He thinks it is the best thing in the world and will do it over and over again... only tumbling a few times (onto a giant stuffed animal nearby).  It's a lot of fun to watch.
Here are some pictures of the boy:
I found him sitting like this one day...

His first REAL haircut--- so stinkin' cute! (Thank you Grandma for the help, even when hair is blowing in your face!)...

He finally kept them on for a few minutes...

Cutie Patootie...

And this was a 2 weekends ago when he was ill, had a really high fever... was so sad...
(daddy was sad too)
(a few days later, he got one of his BIG upper teeth).

But he's all better now!


It's Time for Soup...

This weather has made me crave soup.
I know I've been writing about food a lot.... give me a break, I'm eating for 3. :)

But seriously, I have this innate desire to create, and sometimes that spills over to the kitchen.  So I am subscribed to a blog called 101 Cookbooks, where she posts healthy recipes that are supposedly good.  I've never made any, but this soup just looked so healthy (and potentially good) that I wanted to try it.  I went the store yesterday and bought some things that I had no clue what they were... and honestly still don't, except that they are in my soup.  :)

Go figure:  chard, leek, spinach, ginger root, vegetable stock, sweet potato... all fresh!  I was quite excited.
So I made it today and just finished eating TWO bowls of it.... here's a picture:

(This is actually the picture from the site, but mine looked the exact same... so why bother going through all the work of taking, uploading, and posting my own?).
Here's the link to her recipe:

Green Soup with Ginger

Just a warning, it was a bit time-consuming cutting and ripping up all the veggies, but that actual cooking time wasn't so bad.   (Mom, I'll freeze some so you can taste it when you come... I want you to know that you raised a daughter who can every-so-often eat healthy!).



Time to Get Stuff Done!

Simon left for New York this morning... sniff sniff.

Time to clean the house.
Time to make a ton of stuff for the craft show NEXT weekend.
Time to pack everything before October 15.
Time to love on Christian.
Time to UPDATE MY BLOG..... including PICTURES!

Yes, yes---- I know I need to do all these things.  And I will, I promise. :)
Just not at this very minute...
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