Still Waiting... maybe soon!

We've had a busy few days!
Since my last post, my contractions had decreased and I felt normal.  However, my rash has gotten steadily worse: my stomach first, then my hands and feet, even onto my soles.  My toes are so swollen I can't bend them and my ankles are bigger than ever before.  Little bumps everywhere.  They kept me up during the night--- SOO much worse than being pregnant!  I can't handle being itchy.  This kind of rash is called PUPPPS, and usually occurs in a first pregnancy or a multiples' pregnancy.  It doesn't go away until the babies are born.  I want to scream!!!--- come on babies, be born!
Pictures can't do it justice:

 And this is for any of you who have ever complimented my pregnancy physique... 
really--- it's not so pleasant:

Today (Sunday), my contractions picked up again, and were 10 minutes apart for several hours, this evening they have been more random.  But they have not yet been painful at all.   If nothing happens during the night, I am going for a check first thing in the morning.  Not that I'll be disappointed, but I'm hoping they come tonight. :)  I also think it would be nice if they were born on March 1st.... since Christian was born June 1st.

The baby shower was yesterday!--- it was so lovely!  We had a brunch, played some inventive games, and I got to open amazing gifts for the girls.  I feel so blessed to be surrounded by loving friends who make sacrifices to help others out.  I always feel like I learn so much from others when I am the one on the receiving end--- and I hope to put it into practice when I get the chance.

Playing a game where they had to guess how big around my belly was:
(way to go Jackie---got it just right!)
 Opening fantastic gifts:
 The ladies praying for babies and me:
Christian's favorite gifts from the shower:

Simon's parents have been visiting also!  Simon and his dad worked in the kitchen and put up some crowne moulding, wainscoting, and chair rail.  Looks fantastic!  However, our countertops didn't arrive in time, so it's only half done, with the backsplash, stove, and sink to finish.  Maybe in a few weeks!

My parents and Josh and Ericka were also here: great to see everyone!  Ericka has to work tomorrow, so if the girls are born, they'll want to come back the next day.  Sorry they weren't born while you were here!

Maybe our next post will have pictures of our daughters?!?!!  Or maybe it will be another update saying it might be 2 weeks before they're born. :)  Oooo the suspense.


Babies Coming Soon???

We went to our doctor's appointment this morning!--- well, let me back up.
My braxton hicks (contractions!) increased yesterday... to the point that I packed a hospital bag before going to bed.  I didn't think it would happen... but it was the most likely it had felt so far.   I figured I am probably dilated at least a little.
Back to the appointment---- all I must say is: 4 centimeters!  That's right, doc said he could feel the baby's head.  I haven't had as many contractions today, 4 or so over the last hour.  Obviously there is no way to know whether this means I'll have them tonight or not for a few days, but either way, they are well on their way.  He said if the contractions increase, I should go be monitored at the hospital, but I prefer not to go there until I know I'm having them.


I was hoping to make it through Saturday lunch (baby shower--- don't want all that planning to go to waste!).  But we've been praying that these girls will be born at just the right time, and only God knows when that is.  This actually would be the perfect weekend to have them: my parents and sister and husband will be here, Simon's parents will be here, and my parents will be here.  I'd hate to make them come back in just 2 days after they'd all leave.  :)

Oh, and in case you are worried about me not being far enough along--- the doctor had made my due date a little later at the beginning of the pregnancy.  If I go by my original due date, I'm actually about 36 weeks pregnant (instead of 35).  Just as long as the girls are healthy (and hopefully we don't have to put them in the nicu!).

We will most definitely keep you posted.  Hmm---labor!?!?!?!  I think I might get nervous soon...



We've had a wonderful week here at the Henry's.
My mom came on Tuesday-Thursday: perfect timing to help finish the kitchen cabinets!!!  And finish them we did.  Turned out pretty swell.  Then Simon drilled holes and I added hardware.  I'll soon be able to post pictures BECAUSE ... (wait for it)...
I am quite excited and will probably go picture-happy.  Beware, future posts are bound to have way too many pictures... but I don't think you'll mind. :)
My mom took Christian out in the snow and they built a snowman--- it has since been one of Christian's favorite things to look at, even though by now the grape-eyes and carrot-nose have fallen who knows where.  It was really nice having another playmate for Christian, and one that is a bit more agile than myself.  They had a nice time getting to know each other better.  

I had an appointment on Thursday, I was 34 weeks pregnant.  I only got measured and listened to heartbeats.  Everything was fine.  Since the babies are the size as if there was only one, he estimated them to be around 5 pounds each.  That's a lot of baby! :)  And I'm feeling it.  My skin is stretched so much it is itching crazily.  Today I started getting a small rash under my belly button (or what's left of it)... that is also very itchy.  And I'm not one for bare-belly pictures, but this is just crazy:

I have another appointment this week and I'll be checked to see if there's any "progress."  I feel as though I could have these babies any day... no joke.  I'm hoping to make it to March: ONE MORE WEEK.  Maybe they'll come on my birthday!

Our friends Jeff and Tiffany Clark had their baby boy on Friday!!!... JOSHUA.   He wasn't due until around March 10 (I think), so you never know when babies might show up!  And we're also waiting for Greg and Amy Tonagel to have their 2nd boy, also due the first week in March.  

This week I have a few more projects I'd like to get done, including sewing!... it's been so long.  As well as finishing up the nursery, and the normal cleaning and laundry.  Then Thursday, Josh and Ericka are coming, Friday Simon's parents arrive (yay for finishing the kitchen!), and Saturday is the baby shower the girls.  And then it's MARCH.  March means babies. :)  Can you tell what I've been thinking a LOT about babies recently?


Another Sunday...

It is hard to believe how quickly each week passes.  Wasn't it just Sunday yesterday?

It's been a good week--- at least I THINK it was... I can't actually remember what most of it consisted of!  We've had a lot of snow, so I've been staying home most of the time.  In addition to snow keeping me inside, I'm starting to feel more tired.  I think my body is telling me it needs some more rest before the upcoming events: I need to start listening to it!  I am moving around a little slower and starting to feel quite pregnant.  I've gained a little over 40 pounds!... and only a mere 8-9 pounds of that is actual baby.  Babies are moving all throughout the day and night, hiccups are somewhat frequent, and I'll find out more Thursday at my next appointment.

I got the panels of our kitchen cabinets painted, then cleaned and prepped the rest of the cabinets.  I spent 4 straight hours priming on Saturday--- with much thanks to April who helped me SOOO much!  (and thanks to Simon who took Christian to the basketball game for 2 hours!).  This week's goal is to prime again, paint, touch up, put up new hardware, and replace panels.  I think I can get it done if I stay with it.  We ordered new countertops that will hopefully arrive in time for Simon's dad to install when they visit at the end of the month.  At that point we'll also add a new sink, backsplash, and chair rail.  YAY!

Simon and I don't really celebrate Valentine's now that we're married, but he told me today he's in process of making an ottoman/storage bench for me!  I'm excited to see it. :)  I had mentioned he was making bench as his first project: let's just say he learned a lot from attempting it, but it probably won't be making it's way into our house (as it is both unfinished and unstable).  But this next one should turn out just fine.  I'll post a picture of it once it's done!

Simon's brother Luke came to visit his girlfriend Lauren (and us too) for the weekend... so we've had a lovely time hanging out with them.  My parents will probably come and visit sometime this week or next weekend, as they are quite excited to spend time with Christian, and I gladly welcome the help, as well as any foot massages my mom might be willing to give.  :)

Until next Sunday (which might as well be tomorrow) have happy days!


Childhood Dreams...

I was putting some pictures away today and came across this...

And I thought: HOW TRUE IT IS!!!  Ericka is off saving lives in the ICU, 
and I'm here makin' babies.  

Who knew?


Who's Are These?

So I looked down at my feet yesterday, and I can honestly say I didn't recognize them.  Balloons, I tell you, lovely puffs.

I have also highly enjoyed a bowl of vanilla ice cream with pretzels the last 2 nights.  Oh-Wow!  Hits the spot!

I'm in the middle of painting our kitchen cabinets.  Pray for me.  :)

Tomorrow is laundry day.  I LOOOVE my new frontload washer.

Must be off to bed.  In a few weeks, I will be wondering why I haven't been sleeping solid the last 2 months.  Hibernation anyone?

Oh and one more thing, I am crazy in love with my little boy!


Big Belly Alert!

Several things!

First, I forgot to say in my last post that I finally felt a baby have hiccups last week!... and several times since.  Christian had them a LOT during the last few weeks of being inside me.  They seem so alive... which, of course, they are!
Also, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday... no ultrasound!  I was measured in the normal way, which measures the outside of the belly, and for a single baby, the size is usually close to how many weeks along you are.  I measured at 40!  This would explain why people are starting to tell me I look like I'm about to pop.  The doc also said he wouldn't be surprised if I'm further along than my original due date.  Which means... time to get ready for these babies.  I'm hoping to at least wait until March.
Anyway, thanks to Amy and her camera, I was able to get some pics of my growing belly and Christian too!  This is at 32 weeks...

And my precious little boy--- 

This is his "perch"... atop his little sisters.  He does notice my belly's size--- he's been randomly pointing at it and saying "belly"... not just to name anatomy, but because he's probably wondering what is happening to it.  I was looking at my bare belly today and he came and gently said "no" and pulled my shirt down over it.  Either he's wonderfully modest or he might be getting the idea that when we keep saying there are babies inside, we really mean it. 
He got another haircut earlier this week... probably his last one for quite a while.  A lollipop (and all the hair that fell on it) kept him pretty occupied.  We are loving this little boy SO much!  He and Simon had a great time wrestling tonight: Christian is becoming so grown up.
Anyway, just wanted to post those pictures for all of you curious little blog stalkers!  Ha ha... I LOOOVE that you are stalking my blog!
Back to watching LOST!...
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