We Must Have Died...

...or so you thought!
My embarrassment for not writing in a month almost kept me from starting any post at all, but I know it had to come at some point.  You probably think we are still in Rome... or that our flight crashed on the way home and we never posted again.   Wrong!  We're alive and well, and so glad that the Christmas break is here so that we can recover after busy last 4 weeks.

#1- We made it back safely from Rome.  The trip was long, and I was so sore from sitting on the plane, but we made it.  When we reunited with Christian, I bawled (which was completely unexpected).  He squealed and ran around, then once we picked him up, he wouldn't let go of our necks... holding on for dear life with the sweetest smile on his face.  I couldn't stop crying!  So precious.

#2- We had a great Thanksgiving with Simon's family.  It's been a month, and I can't remember details.
#3- I can't remember if or when I last updated about the house situation, but buying the new house fell through: didn't appraise for enough.  So we decided to rent a 3 bedroom house with a 2 car garage to get us through.  As soon as we got back from Rome, I went to work cleaning, painting, and prepping the place for us to move in.  A SUPER thanks to my mom, Cindy, and Rachel B. for helping: honestly could NOT have done it without your help!  We were able to choose new carpet for the living room and it made such an improvement... now we can have some quality floor-time with Christian.  A week later, we moved in with the wonderful help of some friends (Thanks to Danny, Tony, Ryan, Nathan, my parents, and Beth).  So now we've been in for a week and I've been able to unpack a few things, but it's still a complete mess.  We are enjoying the upgrade in size from our 1-bedroom apartment!  Our new address is listed on our facebook profile or if you need it, just email. :)
#4- We spent last weekend with my parents in South Bend, and Josh and Ericka were able to come from Davenport as well!  We enjoyed spending "Christmas" together, eating good food, and watching the snow.   We were especially blessed by my parents when they gave us our Christmas gift: their van!  We are now the proud owners of a Chrysler Town and Country, and reminded of God's faithfulness to provide.   Thank you!
#5- We're now in Maryland and it is Christmas Day.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  We came here 2 days ago and have been enjoying more time with family.  We're about to eat our big lunch, so I have to finish, but I wanted to update and wish you all the best on this festive day of remembrance.

Side Note: Pregnancy-Belly shot from when in Rome, when I was about 22-23 weeks pregnant:

On Monday, Simon and I will head to Baltimore for a Wesleyan youth conference... representing IWU.  Then we'll be back for New Year's eve celebrations and eventually head back to IN.  I will be sure to post a few times while we are here.  Then hopefully we'll get the internet at our new house so that I can do better at this thing called blogging.



Happy Thanksgiving!




Babies' Update

I am now almost 22 weeks pregnant.
The girls have been moving all the time... doin' a dance I suppose.
I am supposed to go to the doctor every 2 weeks between now and 30 weeks, they are checking for twin-to-twin transfusion, which is when one twin takes most of the nutrients and the other suffers.  But we just had an appointment last week, and they were both the same size and looking good.  They are each the same size as if it there was just one... so you can imagine how big I will get very soon.

They can't tell if they are identical or fraternal, but he can tell that there is a membrane between them.  This is no indication though.

I measured around my belly and compared notes with how I was with Christian, and I am measuring 4 weeks ahead of where I was with him.  But I think you also grow a little faster with the 2nd baby.... let alone the 2nd AND 3rd!

It is still so amazing to me that there are 2 babies inside.  I can't quite imagine or fathom how they survive in such tight quarters.  How do they not poke each others eyes out or get all tangled up?   My mom was able to come to the last ultrasound, which was fantastic!  If anyone wants to come with me, let me know, because I'll be having them at almost every visit for the next 10 weeks.  It is so amazing to see them moving so much... yet I can only feel the bigger movements.  God did an amazing thing when he created the pregnancy process.  (it is a little strange if you think about it though... people walking around with huge growths in their mid-sections... which just happens to be the continuation of their race).

Anyway, we'll keep you updated!


Final Rome Update

Today we shared our final day in Rome.  We rode the train about an hour into the countryside to Ortavio.  SOO mad I didn't have camera today.  This town was the most quaint Italian town you'd ever imagine... atop a hill with an amazing view, and perfect weather to top it off.  Filled with cute shops and not many people, we strolled around for a while before we came back into Rome.  Then we ate at a Chinese Restaraunt!... I think it was better than American Chinese ( at least the dish I got was)... then I got my final gelati... oh-so-good.  We stopped and bought some pastries for the morning since we have to head to the airport at 4:30.
The pastry shop that I had been wanting to get something at the entire time was closed yesterday, so I knew today was my last day... this shop was amazing and I couldn't wait to get something.  So this morning I was so excited, and we went, and it was closed again and people everywhere... and it turns out they are shooting a movie there.  I wanted to stop and ask what it was, but Simon said it's probably "George Clooney" (in his best italian accent), and didn't want to ask. 
Tonight it was still closed, so I asked someone, and apparently, GEORGE CLOONEY is here filming his next movie called The American.  Figures... we could've possibly seen him today, but oh well, we were in that shop!  George Clooney and his little film brigade kept me from my pastry.  I am mad at George Clooney.
Time to go.

"Mama-Go" and Rachel Henry Design

I've been staying busy sewing, baby things as well as interior design items.  Here are some of the recent items:
Pillows with Trim:

Zipper Pillows:

Custom Diaper Bag for a lady in New York(!):

Open for Business! :)



We just got to see Christian on Skype....it was probably the best part of our vacation yet!! We love that little boy.
--Simon & Rachel

Rome Update 4

Only 1 day left in Rome.
Today we went to the Vatican City, which includes the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica.  Very impressive size, grandeur, and art.  We went up into the cupola of St. Peter's--- WOW!... Simon's stomach was queesy near the edge.... very high up! 
I can't believe I forgot to mention this last night, but SUPER bad news: my camera broke after the first day here. (HUGE sad face)... the shutter release is broken, and we've asked several people who know about Nikon's to look at it (even a prof from Penn State who does media journalism and knows all about them).  All their ideas have failed... and so we have resorted to disposables.... yippee. 
Simon bought me an Italian sweater (one that will fit over my ever-expanding belly)... and he got a t-shirt (of course) and tie.
We are about to Skype with Christian, YAY!   Then we will have a nice dinner of pizza and probably go to bed early, like every other night.
Tomorrow we are going to Orveta, a town in the countryside.  VERY excited about this.

Baby Bump-Bump

How glad am I that twins don't cause my stomach to have TWO large bulges instead of just one---- that would look so weird.
This picture was taken back on November 1st.  Seems like just yesterday...

My parents are in South Bend now, my dad is the senior pastor at a Missionary Church.  It's already been so nice having them closer.  We went up for their first Sunday at the church... this is in the home they are renting...

And this is another time when mom and dad came to our place for the day... and Christian helped her do the dishes.  He looooved it.

He also really loves popcorn.  Crazy eyes!
Welcome to Indiana Mom and Dad!  (now we just have to work on the Henry side...)


Rome update 3

What another great day!
Started out a little rough: got woken up around 5am by the conierge telling us our taxi was here... except we didn't order a taxi.  I couldn't go back to sleep for over 2 hours... but finally did, so we both slept in.  Then headed out, past the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and back around the Colosseum area.  We took a tour which included the Circus Maximus, a little church with the truth-telling face thing (if you've ever seen the movie roman holiday i guess it's on there)... then on to the catacombs (pretty neat!), and finally St. Peter's chains with Michelangelo's sculptures of Moses, etc.  All very impressive... we are glad we got the tour and didn't just count on our own guidings.
We still love the food... we've had pizza, pasta, gelato, and our own snacks.  Everything is expensive here... one euro is equal to $1.50... so we feel like prices are reasonable, but we're actually paying a little more.  Weather is still super nice... perfect for walking around.
Tomorrow we are going to the Vatican.  It will probably be an all-day thing because it is on the other side of town... and lots to do there.
We have an internet cafe right across the street from our hotel, so that is WONDERFUL!... what are the odds? 
We were going to try to skype with Christian today, but it won't work out because of his nap schedule and the time difference.  Last night we were trying to remember what he looked like.  :-( ... can't wiat to give him big hugs!
That's it for now. 
Oh--- and as far as being pregnant, it is definitely not an ideal situation.  When we planned the trip, I figured I'd be preggo, but not this far along and not with twins.  It is okay most of the time, but I get a little stiff and achy at times.  Getting good exercise though!
Thanks for checking in, time to get back to the big city of Roma.

Happy Birthday Josh!

Happy Birthday Josh!
So glad you are part of the fam. 
Do something special to celebrate!
Love ya.

Fun Times...

Even though we are living in a small place, we've still been able to have plenty of space for playing, ball-throwing, and wrestling with Christian.  It's actually quite roomy!
After doing this with Simon, Christian came and laid down on his back holding the ball, but he wasn't sure what to do with it.
 Just chilaxin'.


In Dad's sweater... very studly...
(he took a stumble down a few stairs, thus the scab under his nose)...

He helped me cook one night... somehow kitchen utencils ended up all over the house...

He is going to get a haircut this week while staying with his Grandparents... a real, official haircut!... and from the same barber that cut Simon's hair when he was a baby. 
I sure hope he still has a steady hand.


Rome update 2

Had a great day in Rome!
We went to the colosseum, palatino, roman forum, and around there. It was really amazing, and lots of good pictures.
The weather is absolutely beautiful--- short sleeves all the way and sunny.
We've enjoyed the food a lot, and also the supermercati, like the grocery store.
Now back to the hotel for resting our feet... lots of walking.
Rome is a beautiful city too.... very picturesque.
Have a great day!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!
So glad you are celebrating another year of life.
So many new things will happen this year --- how exciting!
Love you so much, 
Have a wonderful day!


Thursday,the first night.....

(written by Simon)... 
I'm on the computer across the street from our hotel. I had to go out and exchange money....luckily we brought a lot of US cash, because our atm cards dont work internationally!! To say the least, we have a limited amount of euros. She is back in the room trying to get a little rest.....we've already done a TON of walking...got to see a huge basilica....St. Mary Maggiore or something like that.
We got through everything on time and in good order. Some small scares hear and there with losing stuff, but nothing major.
We couldnt really sleep well on the flight....its 3:10 here right now....and i am running on about 30 minutes of sleep. we are going to try to stay up until 7-8ish. Once we get the sleep we need....it will be much more enjoyable.
If i sound frazzled....it's because i'm trying to use this crazy italian keyboard. Tomorrow we're going to the Colosseum and all of that good stuff.
Hope Christian is doing well....we already miss him very much!

PS...pray for our safety...these ppl are crazy!!

Happy Birthday Sis!

Happy Birthday Ericka!
Love you so much, and hope you have a wonderful day celebrating! 

House Update

I dont' remember what the last thing was that I wrote about our house (old and new)... but here's the status:
1). We sold our house on Landess Street, closed, and it's over with.  Goodbye quaint little house that I loved.
2).  We moved into a one-bedroom apartment temporarily while waiting to close on a new house.
3).  The new house was appraised (even after 2 appraisals) for much less than the price we agreed upon... and the seller refuses to lower their price... which means we can't a loan for the amount the seller wants, and we don't have an extra $10 grand to meet the difference.  So all said and done, we're not getting that house.
4).  We can't stay in our current rental because there's no way it would work once the twins are born (or even later in the pregnancy... going up the stairs is already annoying me).  So we either need to find a place to buy or another rental big enough for all of us.
5).  We agreed to rent a 3 bedroom house from one of Simon's co-workers: it will work out very well and will allow us the flexibility to slowly look for a different house to buy or whatever else may come up in the future.  We will probably move in just before Christmas.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  We are trusting that there is a reason God didn't allow things to work out for buying that house, and now we'll just have to wait and see what He has in mind.  We're actually pretty excited!



I have a few hours at Simon's parent's house before we leave for the airport, so I'll take this chance to update our blog for all of you who have been oh-so-sad that I'm not writing. I'm sure there must be a million of you.
I'll start back at our Small Group Costume Party:  here come the Amish...

Originally, we were going to dress Christian up as well (thus the suspenders), but ended up getting a babysitter for him.  Looks like he needs them in that picture.

Fun times, my friends, fun times.


In Case You Didn't Hear...

That's right, TWO of them.  Doctor said he never says he's 100% sure, but then added that he has NEVER been wrong.
We have to be honest, we were expecting at least one of them to be a boy... so it has taken some getting used to... but we're pretty happy.  Christian will be the protector big brother, and hopefully he'll get another brother someday.
The babies are pretty much the same size and right-on for their due date.  They seem healthy and are as cute as unborn babies can be.  We won't know until they're born if they are identical or fraternal.   So at least we still get some sort of surprise even though we found out the genders!

We're still surviving in our little apartment... but news with our new house isn't so great.  It isn't appraising for our agreed-upon price, and the seller is not budging in their price (guess they don't really want to sell it).  So we may be back to square one as far as looking for a place to live... either buying or renting.  

We need to do a lot of planning before our trip to Rome in less than 2 weeks!  We're quite excited... but as of right now, we have absolutely nothing planned except our plane and hotel.  If you've been to Rome and have recommendations for us, PLEASE comment and let us know!  Thanks.

Have a great weekend!


Our family had a new experience this past weekend! We got to go through a corn maze: yippee! Okay, so maybe not “yippee” but it was a nice together-time. We went with Simon’s family and it was a beautiful fall afternoon.
My boys:

The fam:

And I have not yet posted pictures of my other growing babies! This first picture was at 11 weeks (just after we found out we were having twins) I pretty much look normal:

And this is at 17 weeks:

I just started looking barely pregnant about a week ago: very suddenly: and now I feel like I definitely look pregnant! This is the part where I grow exponentially faster than I would be if it were just one baby. I have 2 friends (shout out to Amy and Tiff) who are pregnant and 5 weeks ahead of me… but I’m pretty sure I’m staying even with them in the bulging-belly race.
Yes, I’ve felt great. Yes, I’ve felt them move on occasion. No, Christian hasn’t the slightest idea of what is going on. Yes, we are still going to Rome in a month (woo hoo!).

In other things, please please pray that things with our new house go through. There have been some issues with the mortgage company and appraisal (nothing wrong with the house… just technical things)… and so we’re starting the process with another loan company blah blah blah. Basically we’re praying that if this is the house God has for us, it will work out. If not, then we’re back to square one with looking for a place and it would need to be soon. And while were talking about things we need, if anyone has a nice mini-van your considering selling, let us know. ☺ Or I could also mention a double stroller, crib, car-seat, or double breast pump. Spread the word, we’re apparently starting our own charity.

This Friday night is our small group Halloween party: dress up as a famous couple! You will not want to MISS the pictures of this one! Just wait until you see our little family decked out for this event. ☺ We are in PA/MD until Thursday for Simon’s job, and we are very much enjoying our time with family.

PS—My parents are moving to Indiana today! How exciting that they will be only 2 hours away (instead of 9).

Have a happy week!


What a Weekend!

So Saturday was a stressful day--- but we're out of our house and into our apartment.  We don't have internet though, so I may be very bad at posting for the next 3 months.  But I want to make sure and post pics of our apartment so you can see where we are abiding... it's quite... quaint. :)
Right now I am in the student center at IWU, Simon is running around somewhere with Christian to give me some much needed alone time.  Does this count as a good alone-time activity?

Also, we had another doctor's appointment today: still heard 2 heartbeats! (yay!).  And over the weekend I suddenly grew into a pregnant woman.... yeah for looking pregnant!

Anyway, thanks for understanding the blog-funk, be back sometime.


Last Week in Our Little Yellow House...

The final week has arrived.  We will be moving next Saturday--- anyone who wants to help is welcomed.  We are moving into a quite small, upstairs one-bedroom apartment.  So this week will be busy packing, cleaning, and moving stuff to either our apartment or our storage unit (and trying to figure out what we WON'T need for the next 3 months).
I had the great chance to go to a craft show yesterday with Rachel Bowman... she makes and sells amazing jewelry, she does great at the shows!  I took all the baby-stuff I've been sewing, and I heard a lot of really great comments and a lot of people really liked it.  Unfortunately, it seemed that the economy and the lack of people who know pregnant women kept sales down.  Way down.  I actually didn't even sell one thing.  *sniff sniff.  But all of my stuff is now listed on my etsy store (etsy.com, search for rachelhenry under sellers).   I also have a good stock of gifts for future baby showers. :)

This was my little table next to Rachel's jewelry table:

(Rachel's a pro at this!)

Christian really likes cottage cheese. :)

My men (Simon is obviously on phone!):

More again next Sunday...


RM Henry & Sons

I am not being paid to publish this "ad"... and even though those ARE my initials, it is not my company.  Simon's dad and I have the same initials, and he is a contractor with his own business.

They have company t-shirts.
Christian needs pajamas.

Large shirt + current pj's (as a pattern)...

= New PJ's for Christian!

(because we all know that every little child needs a huge pocket smack-dab on the middle of their chest!)(and I had to use some other fabric for the arms)

They fit! I think he likes them...
(sorry, he just happened to be standing in the bathroom...)

Way to go, RM Henry & Sons... and Grandsons too!

So alas, there IS hope for those t-shirts that don't get worn very often!

Life with the Henry's...

Since I won't be packing, cleaning or sewing today, I figured it was a good time to update our blog.  I always enjoy the time with Christian when Simon is away.  Even though it is tiring, I am somehow more motivated and fall more in love with him.  It's our bonding time.  He has learned two new tricks while Simon has been gone (so much to show daddy!)...
#1- There were some papers in the living room which were trash, so I balled them up for him to play with.  But once I gave them to him, I though, "hmm, I'll try something."  So I said "Christian, go throw these away in the trash can."  To my surprise, he turned right around, marched to the kitchen, and tossed the wad of paper in with barely a second thought.  YAY!  We did this several times, and he even cooperated and showed it to Josh and Ericka when they came to visit.  I just hope I don't start finding toys and important things in the trash (although since then, if he finds a little scrap of trash or paper around the house, he'll bring it and throw it away...  he knows those things are "yucky").
#2- I packed a very small box of books and set it in front of the sofa, it's only about 6" high.  He has been using it to climb on and off the sofa and really enjoys it.  Well yesterday, he decided to try "stepping off" onto the floor and landing on his feet... essentially JUMPING!  He thinks it is the best thing in the world and will do it over and over again... only tumbling a few times (onto a giant stuffed animal nearby).  It's a lot of fun to watch.
Here are some pictures of the boy:
I found him sitting like this one day...

His first REAL haircut--- so stinkin' cute! (Thank you Grandma for the help, even when hair is blowing in your face!)...

He finally kept them on for a few minutes...

Cutie Patootie...

And this was a 2 weekends ago when he was ill, had a really high fever... was so sad...
(daddy was sad too)
(a few days later, he got one of his BIG upper teeth).

But he's all better now!


It's Time for Soup...

This weather has made me crave soup.
I know I've been writing about food a lot.... give me a break, I'm eating for 3. :)

But seriously, I have this innate desire to create, and sometimes that spills over to the kitchen.  So I am subscribed to a blog called 101 Cookbooks, where she posts healthy recipes that are supposedly good.  I've never made any, but this soup just looked so healthy (and potentially good) that I wanted to try it.  I went the store yesterday and bought some things that I had no clue what they were... and honestly still don't, except that they are in my soup.  :)

Go figure:  chard, leek, spinach, ginger root, vegetable stock, sweet potato... all fresh!  I was quite excited.
So I made it today and just finished eating TWO bowls of it.... here's a picture:

(This is actually the picture from the site, but mine looked the exact same... so why bother going through all the work of taking, uploading, and posting my own?).
Here's the link to her recipe:

Green Soup with Ginger

Just a warning, it was a bit time-consuming cutting and ripping up all the veggies, but that actual cooking time wasn't so bad.   (Mom, I'll freeze some so you can taste it when you come... I want you to know that you raised a daughter who can every-so-often eat healthy!).



Time to Get Stuff Done!

Simon left for New York this morning... sniff sniff.

Time to clean the house.
Time to make a ton of stuff for the craft show NEXT weekend.
Time to pack everything before October 15.
Time to love on Christian.
Time to UPDATE MY BLOG..... including PICTURES!

Yes, yes---- I know I need to do all these things.  And I will, I promise. :)
Just not at this very minute...


For Our Friends...

I have a prayer request for our dear friends Ryan and Chelsee Jones. 
They are in our small group and are a few weeks away from having their first baby.

Just yesterday morning, Ryan's father had a massive heart attack and passed away suddenly, and very unexpectedly. 
I have no words and don't know how to express my sorrow for them --- but would ask that you would join us in praying for them and the Jones family. 


What to do with Tomatoes!?

 I had an overabundance of tomatoes from our garden (as is everyone's story)--- so I made some spaghetti sauce!

Making Spaghetti Sauce
First you blanch the tomatoes (boil then put in cold water) and remove the skins:

And then you puree them in a blender --- sorry no picture of this.
Put tomatoes in a pot and add whatever you want (zuccini, carrots, spices, garlic, onion, etc).
And you let it simmer for ALL day! (I left mine there for about 6-8 hours).
(My house smelled so good!)

Of course this makes a lot, so I used some for dinner that night and froze the rest....

This past weekend, I wanted to use up more tomatoes, so we made home made pizza with fresh tomato sauce....
First I made dough for the pizza crust (is has oregano in it!)... this is before it is baked...

Then I washed tomatoes and put them in the chopper for a few seconds... a great "sauce!"
I added lots of cheese and baked it and ta-da!...a delicious pizza!!!... unfortunately I cut it before I took the picture (looked better in real life of course!)...

This and the spaghetti sauce were both SO good (to my amazement)
and I wish you could just TASTE a bite! :)

I absolutely LOVE Italian food.
Think I might be Italian?! 
Happy Cooking!
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