Puffer Computer Case

I was asked to make a computer case and messenger bag for some friends, and how could I resist? I decided to tackle the computer case first (build up my self esteem since I haven't sewn much over the last 6 months). She chose fabulous fabric, and I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. I based the design on the Colcasac Sleeve. The girl I made this for is going to school to become an architect (architects, builders, and engineers rate pretty high up my list of cool people). Doesn't this fabric lend itself beautifully to the architect in training?

Christian is staying with my parents this week. My goal for today and tomorrow is to finish the messenger bag. I can't wait to see how it turns out!
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Everything's Better Where?

So have you been curious what this was about?

Okay, you're right, everything is NOT better in Maryland.  But for now, for us, this statement holds true for Simon's job.  Beginning October 11, Simon will start his training as an Edward Jones Financial Advisor... in Hagerstown, MD!
Simon has been keeping his eyes open for something new, not because he wasn't happy with what he does now (IWU Assistant Director of Admissions), but because he knew there was something out there that would better fit his personality and gifts and provide for our family.  He wanted to do something where he interacted face-to-face with people, but which also allowed a flexible schedule.  He noticed this job opening in Hagerstown, where he grew up, so it is the perfect place to get clients.
Hagerstown was the place of his birth, childhood, and young adulthood.  This is the place where he played little league and school sports... where we met and dated... where we have memories of visiting family and friends.  And now it will become the place where we raise children, send them to school(maybe where we went to school), and grow as a family.  It will also be wonderful living so close to Simon's family! (they are in the same town)

We also realize this means new friends.  We have been extremely blessed by our friends here in Marion (and surrounding areas).  We share similar values, education, and family goals.  Making new friends will be a challenge: finding a couple that we both enjoy and get along with, and probably that has kids (because once you have kids, life is just different).  We know we'll make friends, but we'll really miss the ones we have so close now.

So obviously you're asking, "didn't Rachel's parents just move to Indiana?"  And the answer is, "yes."  It has been amazing having them live closer and being able to drive up for a visit.  Telling them we were moving was one of the hardest things ever.  But we will continue making the 9 hour drive (just in the other direction).  Skyping will become a much more common occurrence in our house.

We are planning on renting a house in Williamsport, MD (just a few miles southwest of Hagerstown).  And hopefully in a few years we will be able to build a house (advantages of having an in-law who is a contractor).   For now we can dream, but in the meantime, there will be a lot of hard work and long hours.  Simon will be in training for 4 months.  He will then build a client base and work with customers and investments.  Please keep us in your prayers during this transition.

Anyway, enough of the nitty-gritty, we will be moving the first week of October!  We are excited for a new beginning, and we have prayed a lot about this decision.  God has opened doors along the way, we are trusting Him to provide and guide us.  To those of you in Indiana, we are heartbroken to leave.  Please know that we will be visiting and will do our best to see you.  To those of you in the east, we look forward to seeing more of you!


Fair-ly Fun!

Judith was taking Kaelyn to the Midland Fair (in MI) and kindly invited us along.  We went on the 4H morning and saw lots of animals.
Like sheep...
I turned around and found him like this... 
But his favorite things were the tractors on display...
Oh how he loved them! He had to sit on ALL of them.
(and since it was only 10:30 in the morning, no fair food for us. Bummer)

Saw some cows, pigs (these are very loud and scary), and a super creepy brain-head turkey...
(click on this to make it bigger, have you ever seen a turkey head like this?!?!? EWW)

So much fun!  Judith and I could have sat in the horse arena for hours, but I guess the children weren't as enthralled as we were.  Is is so strange that I still want to own a horse someday?  My little girl dream has turned into a big girl dream.  Oh how fun it would be!  But I will just have to keep dreaming for now; and going to the fair.
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"Everything's better in Maryland"... more to come on this picture later...

The girls are over 5 1/2 months now!
They aren't quite sitting up, but they are getting on knees and elbows and rocking already.  Crazy.
This picture shows both their "tells": Selah has a mole on her right arm. Jadah has dimples.
My mom's parents and their great-grands...
Christian, Selah, and Jadah, and Kaelyn and Janessa (daughters of my cousin Judith)
(we like to have our children within 1 month of each other)
Have a great week!

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Blueberry Patch

While visiting Michigan, my mom, Christian and I visited the blueberry patch for some end-of-season picking.  Christian loves blueberries, so he ate whatever he picked, and what he could from what we picked.  Picking your own berries is a sweet reminder of "the old days" (not that I know much about them)...



Now to freeze them and pull them out when the weather gets dim.

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One of Those Days

Today started out pretty normal... "oh do I have to get out of bed again already?"

It was one of those days that slowly got worse and by lunch I wanted to cry and drive off somewhere.  I guess it was a mixture of the kids behavior and my own grouchy tendancies.  I realized that I hadn't been anywhere since church on Sunday (and now it was Thursday).  Oh my... I'm going CRAZY!
Yet somehow by the end of the day, I was completely in love with Christian, Selah, and Jadah, and took them to the park all by myself while Simon was at class.  I put them all in bed, loving on each one and smiling to myself as I stood outside Christian's door listening to him sing a song about, well, I'm not sure what about, I think I heard the words park and slide.  I can only attribute it to God's mysterious grace and the children taking extra long naps, during which I had time to sew, do laundry, tidy up, and do some design research.  The Lord answered my prayer for help on a day when I needed it most.  He never fails!
 No lack of smiles from these gals...

Can you guess who is who in this picture?

Helping daddy wash the car...

Happy Endings...

Trip to Iowa

After getting home from Maryland on a Sunday night, I did laundry during the day on Monday and left Monday night for my mom's house.  The next day we drove 4 more hours to my sister's house in Davenport, Iowa.  It was a quick and tough decision (because being trapped in a car with my 3 little boogers is only fun for so long)... but I am so glad I went!  My sister has a (new) blog, and she wrote about our time there.  Let's just say, she is the one that ended up with the love for reading, and with that came a great vocabulary.  She writes very well!--- and her rendition of the week is far better than mine would be, I'm sure of it.  So just hop on over to her blog and enjoy your read!  Click this link:

Life in General and Specific: 2 Bedrooms is 2 Bedrooms Too Small: "I never realized how small our apartment is. Well, until we had family come to visit. (Side note: we hope they come again soon. :) My mom ..."



Isn't this picture perfectly whimsical?  I could use an afternoon perched here.
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In the Mary-Land

We had the chance to visit Simon's family, some of my family, and several friends, in Maryland this past week.  After spending several days there, Simon surprised me and took me to Ocean City for a day 1/2.  We spent some time at the beach (and played in the cold water), stayed at a hotel, and of course, visited the boardwalk...
 I had my first crab cake--- and was pleasantly surprised!  I loved it!  We didn't want to buy any "stuff" but we just kept buying food.  We had chicken fingers and french fries, a crab cake, a slice of pizza, funnel cake, coffee, and a very small gelati (just like they are in Italy!).  Yahoo.  Thanks for a fun trip Sweetie!
The kids spent time with Simon's parents and grandparents, and their gorgeous cousins, Olivia and Victoria.  This was the prime week to dress the kids in Orioles stuff, the girls' outfits were actually Christian's when he was their age.  Yes, I do realize they look like little boys, but oh well.

More baby-holding action from Dortha, Karen, and Dorlinda: it was so great to see everyone!  *If you are reading this and you held both babies and I didn't get your picture, I am quite sorry!  Feel free to leave a comment... you have bragging rights too!

I'll post a few more pictures later, this is all I have for now.
PS- I absolutely LOVE Picasa for my pictures.  These photo collages save me much time and space in the blogging realm.
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