Doctor Visits

When I took the girls to the doctor last week, I used some advice I had read in one of the twin books I read.  Instead of lugging 2 baby carriers in my arms, I just plopped them into the double stroller and wheeled them around.  This is probably one of the best pieces of advice I've gotten.  Maybe you use a stroller at the doctor already, but I'm not so sure I would have thought of it on my own.  It would also be very helpful even if your children are different ages.  It just gives you a place to put them (and strap them down) so they aren't running 20 different directions.  Give it a try.
On a sillier note, the girls got shots in each leg, and of course I held them when they were finished.  It wasn't until I saw my reflection in the window of my car (after walking through the office, talking to the receptionists, and pushing my huge stroller through the waiting room), that I saw 2 Bugs Bunny bandaids plastered smack dab in the middle of my chest.  Lovely adornment, wouldn't you say?  Sheesh!


5 Months

The little ladies are growing like weeds.  At their appt this week, they both weighed around 15.5 lbs.  Selah still has more hair, but has been losing it pretty steadily.  And in the meantime, Jadah lost hers and has been growing new hair (a lighter shade).  So I'm guessing they are going to meet somewhere in the middle and I won't be able to tell them apart anymore.  My safeguard is the mole that came in on Selah's arm.  Phew.
They are big enough to sit in their highchairs now, so if I need to get stuff done in the kitchen, this is where they get plopped (notice my lovely junk bin looking mammoth on the table).

I am trying to take these type of picture(below) once a month, and somehow I started it on the 1/2 of the month (just so you dont think I do it at the month and 1/2 month stages... eeek-- too much!)  
They are also sporting their cloth diapers.  I am giving g-diapers a try this time.  So far, I like them a lot!  Jadah is always orange, and Selah is always cream.
My orange creamsicles!

They definitely notice each other now.  It is fun to let them look at each other and listen to them coo and jabber.  In a week or two, we are going to try putting them in different cribs.  Hopefully they aren't too attached to each other.  (We'll also be trying Christian in a twin bed-- yippee!).
Being a mom of twins is so-way better now than it was 2-3 months ago.  I can only imagine that it will get better too!  Thank you Lord for your blessings!
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22 Hours in Archbold

I had the chance to see my friend Lindsey (and her husband Nate, and her family) whom I hadn't seen since her wedding almost 2 years ago.  Lindsey was my suite-mate my freshman year at IWU (yay Shatford!).  They now live in Idaho where Linz is a graphic designer and Nate saves the forest (I dont' know his actual title, lots to do with trees).  I was so exhausted after hauling my 3 kiddos up there and back, but it was SO good catch up and reconnect.  


Love ya Linz!
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Christian and Jace

Our friends Greg and Amy had this spunky little guy 3 months after we had Christian (how can you not love Jace's adorable grin!).  The 2 of them have been "best" friends ever since--- well, as much as you can be a friend at that age--- and it's not like they have much say in the matter.  They both love all things boy and have been learning to share together.  Jace came to play the other day and it was the first time that I was able to get stuff done while they played in Christian's room.  It was AMAZING!  I just kept smiling to myself.  They are growing up!
How cool are they?
Major milk drinkers here...
And of course, they loved jumping onto couch cushions. 

Great form... (look out Jace!)
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Grey Lake

We knew we wouldn't get a "real" vacation this summer, so my parents decided to take the whole family to a lake house where we could have some fun without having to worry too much about the kids.  It worked out so perfectly!  We were on a small lake with direct access from our back yard, a cute small town just a 5 minute drive away, and I had help with the children, and could get out into the paddle boat or kayaks a few times.  And the dudes got to enjoy the world cup every morning and every afternoon---- oh USA--- you should have won!
The weather was so perfect and we really enjoyed our time together.  What made it even better was that my grandparents were able to stop in (on their way to Alaska nonetheless) and meet the girls.  It was so nice to see them!  And even BETTER was that I took my sewing machine and got to sew a few things for the first time in 4 months.... how delightful!  I refashioned some shirts and sewed my dining room curtains.  Bliss.

The gals hanging out at the lake:

Christian was introduced to lake, sand, boat, and floatie. He loved all.

We got to get a little boating action in as well...

Christian got a toy tractor from greatgrands, Ericka and I got super similar dresses at a super awesome thrift store (which we then wore to go see a movie with our husbands: went to see Prince of Persia, but the projector was broken so we had to see Karate Kid III... yay)... and of course, some card action.

What a great trip we had. Thanks mom and dad!


Sorry Baby...

As all babies do, the girls have started scooting around while on their bellies.  The other day I needed to go pump but it wasn't quite time for the girls to nap yet, so I laid them on their bedroom floor on a blanket and went back to the living room.  They were fussy, but what could I do?  
Well, when I was done (and I could tell one was quiet, but the other was screaming), I went into the room and found Jadah crying and scooted off the blanket on her back.  I laid her in bed.  But it was Selah I had to apologize to...
Poor Baby...

She scooted off the blanket, off the first rug, off the second rug (yes, two rugs, long story), and onto the wood floor!  But she was fast asleep.  I couldn't resist a picture. 
I love you Selah.  :)


Christian is TWO!

We celebrated Christian turning two (way back on June 1st).  Simon's parents were in town the next weekend so we invited my parents and his "surrogate" grandparents, the Pattengales, over for a little party.  
He got some super toys to add to our growing collection:

I tried to be quirky and make these "cake pops"...(from the great site bakerella) lets just say they didn't turn out quite like they were supposed to, but they still tasted pretty good!  Christian loved them, and even knew to blow out the candles.  Who knew!?  :)

Then we hung out and enjoyed the new toys.  We also tried playing Kub for the first time.  Fun!

We feel so blessed to have wonderful people in our lives that love our children.  I can't believe I have a two year old--- and a smart, adorable, crazy one at that.  He's the best (most days!). 
Thanks everyone for a fun party!
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