Not hamburgers, silly reader.
Luke and Tracy Burger! They were our only other married friends during college, but upon graduation, they headed to San Diego and have found it to suit them quite well. Their families still live around Indy, so when they came for a visit, we tracked them down and got together.
Lucky for us, they love kids. :) (doesn't the sky look really cool in this picture?)
Watching a soccer game (it was cold... oh, and Christian peed his pants while standing on that bench. eehh):
And they were so sweet to let us come along to their family cookout. (with reeeaaallly good food too)(do you like the way 3 of those words had double "o's"?)
We had a lovely time visiting!

We are now busy packing and preparing to move to Maryland.
Countdown: 12 days. 

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