Pants to Shorts

It seems like this must be the oldest trick in the book, but regardless, it was something I thought of that was an "aha" moment to me.  Once it got hot out, I realized I only had 1 or 2 shorts total for the twins.  That just wasn't going to work.  I was planning on going thrifting or to consignment shops, but then I was like Wait!  I just put a few pairs of pants into storage bins that are too short for them.  Perfect! 

So from there, I proceeded to chop off the pants and either leave as is, or add the original hem back on, depending on the fabric.  It was also nice to choose the length of the shorts (as some are already designed to be so short, for a ONE year old!).
If you think you'd like to do this, but don't have much sewing experience, I still think you could.  As seen below, I cut off the pants, added the original hem back on (pin with raw edges at bottom and right sides together), sew, and you're done.  The only caution: if you haven't sewn knits before (like t-shirt material), don't stretch it as you sew! (it makes it stretch and ruffle)  I made this mistake on one of the legs and had to redo it.
I only did 3 pairs for now, and the purple one I didn't even hem (especially take note of that if you don't want to sew!).  

If you're thinking "I don't know about that"... you could always designate them as play shorts, ready for the wear and tear and tear that summer brings to little bottoms!  This would also be good for girl or boy.  The same day I made these, I saw this post from Dana at MADE (one of my top 5 blogs for sure!).

The way I see it: 3 free pairs of shorts!


Beth said...

takes me back...my mom used to do this all the time. Didn't appreciate it at the time, but it is a great money saver. I remember that she also made a first aid kit bag out of an old pair of jeans one time. Yeah for resourcefulness. Love it. Also, love that blog you mentioned. It is not going on my sidebar.

Life in General and Specific said...

I love it when you blog. :) More pictures of the seesters please! They are cutie patooties. And I would like to see some pics of you and Simon. And you might as well take more pictures of Christian. And just blog more please.

Also, in the past whenever I cut off my jeans to make shorts, they looked awful! You do it with class. I'm impressed.

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