Ben & Kirsten Love

One great part of moving to Maryland is that Simon has been able to refresh his longtime friendship with Ben, and both of us have been able to get to know Kirsten, his fiancee: who today became his WIFE!  Congratulations Ben & Kirsten!
Back in October, they asked me to take their engagement pictures, and we had a lovely chilly day out in the park...

Kirsten had a lot of beautiful DIY ideas for the wedding and she enlisted the help of myself and several friends during our Sunday night get-togethers.  Several are shown in these pictures:
~ Printed and corner-punched her own programs
~ Ribbon-wand send-offs
~ Lovely Gerbera Flowers!

~ Ribbon tied chairs with, you guessed it, Martha's good ol' tissue pom-poms!
~A cupcake cake (really yummy!)
~ Name cards stuck in cork, which she and our friends cut ourselves, as shown here:
(*note: if you are getting married soon and want to buy her corks, I think she has about 100 corks cut and ready to hold name cards, see them standing in next top-right picture)

~ Matted picture as guestbook
~ Again, cork name card holders
~ "Trial-size" coffee favors

If you have any questions about something, let me know and we can tell you where she got her ideas.  It was a beautiful wedding and she was a beautiful bride!  Oh yeah, and her mom made all the jewelry for the bride and maids, I loved it.

Simon was a groomsmen, and I was the guest"book" attendant.  We stepped out for some pictures after the reception, look, I'm a fairy!  Hee hee...

And a little chuckle to end with... this picture was during the maid-of-honor's toast.  Do you see Simon at the left side?  It looks like he's getting his hair done at a salon.  Can you guess what that thing is?  
Also, the guy next to Simon is the boyfriend of the girl talking: doesn't he look enthralled?  Heh heh.

Look at Simon just one more time.  BAH-ha!
Yay for weddings.  Blessings!


Trudy said...

It all really looks beautiful! Such creative ideas! And I imagine it was fun to get together to work on this stuff, too! Looks lovely....just like you!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! I totally recognize the dress you wore to the wedding Rach. :D Still looks great on you- even after twins!

Also, the DIY stuff all looks great! Tell them congrats for me if you think of it. :)


Team Tonagel said...

You are a beautiful mama! Love your fairy pics :)
And I agree you still do look great in that dress after twins. You amaze me!
Simon, you clean up nice :)

Team Tonagel said...

Oh and your haircut looks super cute!!!

Renee said...

Cute Cute!

**Is the "thing" over Simon's head the photographer's flash?

Erin said...

Those are some very cool ideas! And, you look lovely as always. The last pictures is my very favorite. LOVE the boyfriend's rapt attention on his lady! LOL

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