I saw this picture today from another blog, this bliss life.
And I was like, "WHOA!".... because it looks like the (much) better (and more expensive) version of what we did to our last kitchen in the rental:
See the resemblance?  Or course, we had to work with the current appliances, cabinets, and very limited funds, but it was much better than when we got there and it looked like this:
nice. :)


ndhelman said...

girl you have TASTE. nice nice nice.

Lindsey said...

That is too funny. They had the exact same kitchen layout as you, appliances and all!

Life in General and Specific said...

I was so confused by this for a while. I couldn't tell where the brown, ugly kitchen was from. Josh has to explain it was the kitchen at your last house before you fixed it. If I had to call you by the name of a play, I would call you "The Miracle Worker."

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