Little Christian

The little man got a haircut about 2 weeks ago.  It's getting hot, it was time.
He seems much cooler now (temperature wise).

Also, I had the chance to go garage sale-ing a few weekends ago.  Last summer I never really went because of that whole twin thing.  So I missed it, and had a lovely morning to myself....and fellow bargain hunters.

Christian needed some dressier clothes for church and such, and I found a lady selling her sons clothes that were just right...and name brand.  Her prices weren't awesome,  but good enough.  I paid $4 for this outfit: (not including shoes):
Oh and did I mention that this kid has a huge personality?

While we were outside the other day after it had rained, he goes, "mommy look, it's a fish!"
I tried to make a "Jonah-in-the-belly" comparison.  Not sure if he got it. 

Simon left for work a few days ago and called a minute later... there was a turtle on the road.  Time for a quick walk!  His words were "OH it's so CUTE!"  

Fun times with my boy.  It's good to see these pictures and be reminded that in the midst of all the hard and trying times, frustration and worry about how he'll turn out, there are many moments of joy that I'd never trade.  


ndhelman said...

I just LOVE your little man! :) What a big destiny that big personality must have--you're so well equipped to steer him to it! :) (Love the outfit and fishy. :)

Anonymous said...

His hair looks cute- good job. In some of his pics he reminds me of a young con. "Always have your eyebrows up and be smiling when you're on stage!" Also, his outfit? Stinkin' cute! I would be proud of myself for spending four bucks on that outfit- of course, at this point I have no idea what a good price is on kids clothes. Keep making your Bible story references. He'll get it- he's a bright kid. Love you.


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