And one more thing!

I have to add this, today was just full of funny little things!  
I'm so glad Simon was home to witness this also...  we were all in the kitchen eating lunch.  I was just setting down some yogurt for the girls when I looked at Jadah and noticed her eyes rolling around.  Then it happened: the NOD!  Again and again, her eyes would do that fade-roll thing, nod, and repeat.  Even when we eyes were open, she wasn't responding to any of my movements.  I decided to let her fall asleep, because come on, it's just so stinkin' cute when your kid falls asleep while eating!

Selah ate her yogurt, Christian yelled and laughed, Simon went to work, I cleaned up lunch.
And still she slept.

I looked closer, and saw that she still had a piece of fruit in her lips...
(dried apricots in case you were curious)

And 20 minutes later...
...still sleeping.

Yes, I finally woke her up because I didn't want to ruin her nap. 
 I wish I knew her thoughts as she woke up, but if I had to guess based on her facial expressions, it would be 
"I'm so confused, why am I sleeping at the table?  Where am I?  Mom, what have you done?"

I don't know when the next time will be I get to take pictures of her asleep.  Sweet little baby!


Life in General and Specific said...

What a little darling! Can't wait to see those cutie pies sometime!

Mom P said...

Aww! I'm so glad you captured those moments. So very precious. The after 20 min. picture, made dad and I laugh. I am anxious to kiss their soft cheeks and smell their sweet baby scents. Thanks for the pictures. Love You!

Mom P said...

So glad you enjoyed the moments and forgot about the sticky mouths and fingers. You celebrated the moment and made it into a good memory. Way to go! May God grant you and Simon wisdom as you deal with the lying issue. That was basically the top worst sin when dealing with you girls. I'm praying for you.
Mom P

ndhelman said...

Rachel this is just so precious. I love those little munchkins you've got!

Erin said...

OK, that is too too too cute!

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