Did You Notice?

This is kind of old news, but I still wanted to point it out.  When I showed you the dining room pictures, you may not have taken notice of the gold light fixture...

It was too small for the room, especially with the high ceilings.  But the living room had a fancy glass chandelier... seemed a little out of place.  Can you see it way down there in the other room?

So we did a swap.  Well, my father-in-law did a swap... I just cleaned the dust off in between.  I'm not sure how much electrical knowledge you'd need to have to do this, but its probably a good idea to have someone do it who's done it before.  
Something else I did in the process was remove the grapevine-etched globes that sat around each candle on the glass chandelier.  This made it immensely more appealing, in my opinion.

Now I have this lovely guy in my living room... seems like another project for another day.

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Life in General and Specific said...

Ah! I didn't notice. But now that you have shown me, I notice that the change looks quite fantastic! I am glad you removed the globes.. and I just love your dining room in general. I was showing a lady at work your blog and she was just wowed by this room. And the curtains. Your curtains are the bomb.

Rock on.

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