Our family had a new experience this past weekend! We got to go through a corn maze: yippee! Okay, so maybe not “yippee” but it was a nice together-time. We went with Simon’s family and it was a beautiful fall afternoon.
My boys:

The fam:

And I have not yet posted pictures of my other growing babies! This first picture was at 11 weeks (just after we found out we were having twins) I pretty much look normal:

And this is at 17 weeks:

I just started looking barely pregnant about a week ago: very suddenly: and now I feel like I definitely look pregnant! This is the part where I grow exponentially faster than I would be if it were just one baby. I have 2 friends (shout out to Amy and Tiff) who are pregnant and 5 weeks ahead of me… but I’m pretty sure I’m staying even with them in the bulging-belly race.
Yes, I’ve felt great. Yes, I’ve felt them move on occasion. No, Christian hasn’t the slightest idea of what is going on. Yes, we are still going to Rome in a month (woo hoo!).

In other things, please please pray that things with our new house go through. There have been some issues with the mortgage company and appraisal (nothing wrong with the house… just technical things)… and so we’re starting the process with another loan company blah blah blah. Basically we’re praying that if this is the house God has for us, it will work out. If not, then we’re back to square one with looking for a place and it would need to be soon. And while were talking about things we need, if anyone has a nice mini-van your considering selling, let us know. ☺ Or I could also mention a double stroller, crib, car-seat, or double breast pump. Spread the word, we’re apparently starting our own charity.

This Friday night is our small group Halloween party: dress up as a famous couple! You will not want to MISS the pictures of this one! Just wait until you see our little family decked out for this event. ☺ We are in PA/MD until Thursday for Simon’s job, and we are very much enjoying our time with family.

PS—My parents are moving to Indiana today! How exciting that they will be only 2 hours away (instead of 9).

Have a happy week!

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Shannon said...

You look so cute! Sounds like you need a lot of the same stuff that we do! I want a mini van so bad. We've been sharing one car for over a year and need another one desperately. We'll see!

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