It's Time for Soup...

This weather has made me crave soup.
I know I've been writing about food a lot.... give me a break, I'm eating for 3. :)

But seriously, I have this innate desire to create, and sometimes that spills over to the kitchen.  So I am subscribed to a blog called 101 Cookbooks, where she posts healthy recipes that are supposedly good.  I've never made any, but this soup just looked so healthy (and potentially good) that I wanted to try it.  I went the store yesterday and bought some things that I had no clue what they were... and honestly still don't, except that they are in my soup.  :)

Go figure:  chard, leek, spinach, ginger root, vegetable stock, sweet potato... all fresh!  I was quite excited.
So I made it today and just finished eating TWO bowls of it.... here's a picture:

(This is actually the picture from the site, but mine looked the exact same... so why bother going through all the work of taking, uploading, and posting my own?).
Here's the link to her recipe:

Green Soup with Ginger

Just a warning, it was a bit time-consuming cutting and ripping up all the veggies, but that actual cooking time wasn't so bad.   (Mom, I'll freeze some so you can taste it when you come... I want you to know that you raised a daughter who can every-so-often eat healthy!).



Team Tonagel said...

Wow I am impressed and yes, inspired too! Looks really yummy! You will have to let me know what else you try from the site thats yummy! Hope you are having a good weekend!

Kim said...

This soup looks wonderful. I thought that it was Black Bean which I made last weekend. I'll share that recipe with you if you think it sounds good.

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