Final Rome Update

Today we shared our final day in Rome.  We rode the train about an hour into the countryside to Ortavio.  SOO mad I didn't have camera today.  This town was the most quaint Italian town you'd ever imagine... atop a hill with an amazing view, and perfect weather to top it off.  Filled with cute shops and not many people, we strolled around for a while before we came back into Rome.  Then we ate at a Chinese Restaraunt!... I think it was better than American Chinese ( at least the dish I got was)... then I got my final gelati... oh-so-good.  We stopped and bought some pastries for the morning since we have to head to the airport at 4:30.
The pastry shop that I had been wanting to get something at the entire time was closed yesterday, so I knew today was my last day... this shop was amazing and I couldn't wait to get something.  So this morning I was so excited, and we went, and it was closed again and people everywhere... and it turns out they are shooting a movie there.  I wanted to stop and ask what it was, but Simon said it's probably "George Clooney" (in his best italian accent), and didn't want to ask. 
Tonight it was still closed, so I asked someone, and apparently, GEORGE CLOONEY is here filming his next movie called The American.  Figures... we could've possibly seen him today, but oh well, we were in that shop!  George Clooney and his little film brigade kept me from my pastry.  I am mad at George Clooney.
Time to go.

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