Babies' Update

I am now almost 22 weeks pregnant.
The girls have been moving all the time... doin' a dance I suppose.
I am supposed to go to the doctor every 2 weeks between now and 30 weeks, they are checking for twin-to-twin transfusion, which is when one twin takes most of the nutrients and the other suffers.  But we just had an appointment last week, and they were both the same size and looking good.  They are each the same size as if it there was just one... so you can imagine how big I will get very soon.

They can't tell if they are identical or fraternal, but he can tell that there is a membrane between them.  This is no indication though.

I measured around my belly and compared notes with how I was with Christian, and I am measuring 4 weeks ahead of where I was with him.  But I think you also grow a little faster with the 2nd baby.... let alone the 2nd AND 3rd!

It is still so amazing to me that there are 2 babies inside.  I can't quite imagine or fathom how they survive in such tight quarters.  How do they not poke each others eyes out or get all tangled up?   My mom was able to come to the last ultrasound, which was fantastic!  If anyone wants to come with me, let me know, because I'll be having them at almost every visit for the next 10 weeks.  It is so amazing to see them moving so much... yet I can only feel the bigger movements.  God did an amazing thing when he created the pregnancy process.  (it is a little strange if you think about it though... people walking around with huge growths in their mid-sections... which just happens to be the continuation of their race).

Anyway, we'll keep you updated!

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