House Update

I dont' remember what the last thing was that I wrote about our house (old and new)... but here's the status:
1). We sold our house on Landess Street, closed, and it's over with.  Goodbye quaint little house that I loved.
2).  We moved into a one-bedroom apartment temporarily while waiting to close on a new house.
3).  The new house was appraised (even after 2 appraisals) for much less than the price we agreed upon... and the seller refuses to lower their price... which means we can't a loan for the amount the seller wants, and we don't have an extra $10 grand to meet the difference.  So all said and done, we're not getting that house.
4).  We can't stay in our current rental because there's no way it would work once the twins are born (or even later in the pregnancy... going up the stairs is already annoying me).  So we either need to find a place to buy or another rental big enough for all of us.
5).  We agreed to rent a 3 bedroom house from one of Simon's co-workers: it will work out very well and will allow us the flexibility to slowly look for a different house to buy or whatever else may come up in the future.  We will probably move in just before Christmas.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  We are trusting that there is a reason God didn't allow things to work out for buying that house, and now we'll just have to wait and see what He has in mind.  We're actually pretty excited!

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