Twins are One!

I just finished putting the girlsies (that's what we call them sometimes) in bed.  What little dears.  After they drink their bottles, they crawl around for a while while I tidy up their room and get their pj's ready.  Tonight Selah pulled one of their blankets out of their cribs and cuddled up with it on the floor.  Jadah wanted in on the action and followed suit.  So Selah squealed and crawled away, Jadah followed, laughing.  And then it was a mess of giggles, squeals, and more laughing for the next few minutes.  I sat there watching, laughing too.  I thought about where we were a year ago.  And then out of the blue, I pulled a classic move.  I started crying.  Yep, sappy.  I am just.so.glad to be done with that first year.  I know that each year will have challenges all their own, but from talking to other moms of twins, they say their first year was the hardest.  Am I qualified to cast my vote yet?  So far, I'd agree.
And of course I have to post pictures to remind us how far we've come...
 And now...
Can you tell who's who?  Selah has more hair (always has).  I am still looking forward to when they both have hair long enough to do something with.
I've also taken monthly pictures.  I started a little late, so all the pictures are taken at the half month.  I intended to take each one in their crib with a paper saying what month it was.  I didn't quite meet my goal, but close enough.  I think you can click on it to see it bigger.  (look how HUGE that bear looks the first time... and then how much smaller near the end!). 
Love these girls. 

While I was looking through pictures, I got a glimpse of what I was looking like a year ago too.  (this isn't a great picture, but it was 2 days before they were born, and it has good contrast with the wall).
OOOO.  Okay.  Now I understand why my tummy looks the way it does now. 

Speaking of yucky tummies.  Last summer, Simon and I started the Insanity workout.  It is similar to P90X, but a different plan and only 60 days, you've probably seen an info-mercial about it!  We got through the first month and then realized we were moving, so packing took priority over exercising.  Looking back now, finishing one month made a HUGE difference in how I felt AND looked. 
However, ever since moving, Simon and I have both found it very hard to work out, and I am especially inactive staying home with the kids.  It doesn't help that our eating habits have been slightly worse too (now that we are in the chip-making region of the country).  We've tried to start a routine several times, but they only last a week before we find ourselves eating yes, chips, while watching tv instead of working out.  Ugh.  So this week we are starting again: and I am writing it here in hopes that it will keep me accountable to the blogosphere....aka you, reader. 

Why am I talking about myself in this birthday post?  C'mon Rach.

My darling girls: I LOVE 'EM SO MUCH!  And I am excited for what the next year holds.  I am so glad God blessed us with both of them.  And I still can't believe we have twins.  How does that even happen!?  UHHHHH-mazing. 
Happy Birthday, Selah and Jadah!


cindy said...

thanks for posting Rachel. I can not believe a year has past either. I feel special seeing that they have on the outfits we bought them :-)
So sad we can't be near enough to celebrate with you all.
Happy Birthday girl!

Rachie said...

So cute. You are such a great mommy--and these girls are a tribute to that! So proud of you, friend! ps--you're becoming quite good at blogging, you know!

tracey said...

Happy Birthday Girls! :) So much has happened in a year for you guys. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Lauren said...

Ah I can't believe they were soo little! Can't wait to see ya'll soon!

Lindsey said...

Love the pictures! You are a wonderful mom.

Amy said...

They are beautiful!!! Especially love the smiley 11 1/2 month picture! Happy (late) birthday girls! :)

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