Crayon Wrap

I made a little project the other day for my niece's birthday.  I had wanted to make a crayon wrap (carrying case) for a long time, but never had a good enough reason.  But I thought it was a cute gift for a 5 year old girl (who will probably actually care enough to keep her crayons nicely organized, obviously not something Christian is ready for yet!).  It turned out to be pretty simple.

You could make a double layered one for up to 64 crayons like the one here.

Or an apron like this one. (cute to wear, but not very practical if you want to sit or lay down while you color).

I have seen these occasionally in the DIY blogging world, but I can't remember seeing a tutorial for one (although I'm sure there are probably dozens).  Would anyone be interested in a tutorial?


Team Tonagel said...

Adorable. You amaze me, mama!

ryan and chelsee jones said...

HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!! :) I love this!! Way to go, girl! :)

Susan said...

love it. the covered elastic is my fave.


Erin said...

Super cute!

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