Project: Simplify

See my new little "button" on the side of my blog?  

Simple Mom is hosting a five week decluttering "event" and I figured, what'll it hurt?
So I'm in on it too.
This week's goal is your closet.  Find full details at this week's HOTSPOT!

So what do you think?  Are you up for the challenge too?  Let me know if you decide to weed through your own closet!  I'll plan to post my own pictures this weekend. 

Until then, enjoy a picture of Christian's self-made drum set (I was so proud of him!)(and be glad you can look at it without hearing the accompanying racket ---thank you Michael Pattengale):


a.tonagel said...

oh my i can hear the earsplitting banging just looking at that photo. You are smart to give him a spatula. My boys love the big thick metal serving spoons. headache...
I do my spring cleaning in the month of January. Weird to most but since I live on a farm the house gets super dusty/dirty in the actual spring so I do it when we are stuck inside in the dead of winter. I have a huge pile of goodwill stuff on my dining room table as a result of decluttering my closets.
Work but enjoyable. have fun decluttering!

Renee said...

You may have inspired me...We'll see ;-)

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