Spring Update on Christian

Mr. Smug
Christian is four and a half now.  We have to remind ourselves that he is ONLY four, because we usually feel like we are trying to raise a mini-adult (at least he thinks he is!).
He is still very verbal, social, and full of personality.  He memorizes very easily and loves singing and DRUMS.  He goes to sleep every night listening to a Chris Rice cd.  I think this is the longest he's ever used the same cd without getting sick of it.  Yay Chris Rice. :)  Also, our "family song" for the year is "Let My Life Be The Proof" by King and Country.  We love it.
He attends Cubbies every week (his 2nd year).  It is nice to have something organized to drop him off at.  We can't afford preschool, and he seems to get enough social time through church events.  In the fall I started working on teaching him how to write all the letters and his name and such... it's been going well, but it's hard to keep up with since there's 3 others running/crawling around.  We don't plan on sending him to Kindergarten until he is 6, so I still have one more year to slowly teach him to read.

In two weeks he will start T-ball, and Simon will be the team coach.  I'm very excited to see both of them in their roles as player and coach.  (I haven't seen many other 4 year olds play baseball, but I think he's pretty good.  If I play catch with him using a real ball, it stings my hand to catch his throw... he throws hard and hits harder!  I'll have to try to keep up).
Christian and Adriah (he chose her Orioles shirt that day)
He has been in some acting/modeling classes to try to bring out the best of his natural talents.  He got to go to a photoshoot this past weekend in Chicago.  It was a fun experience and he did a great job waiting and waiting, and then coming alive when it was his turn.
Photoshoot Fun
He's the youngest one in this class... so small!
He's a typical boy: loves sports, balls, being rough, making loud sudden noises, climbing, superheros, hitting things (and people), etc etc etc.  I'm pretty sure he makes his sisters scream or cry 3 times per HOUR... each.  But he also makes us laugh a lot, says some really cute things, and is capable of a lot of love.  I pray for God's wisdom to raise him and direct all these traits in a way that honors God rather than pushing him away.  Parenting is no leisure stroll, that's for sure.
Love This Kid!

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