The Man I Married

Those of you who remember the last 2 years of our lives will know the reason for our somewhat frequent moves was for Simon's quest for the perfect job.  But we all know that finding such a job is a feat few people seem to achieve.
We moved to Indianapolis when Simon joined Truth @ Work, where he had been hired to be the director of a new program for young Christian business-people.  But over the first 3 months working there, it was realized that they had wanted more of a salesman for the new program rather than a director.  Needless to say, they parted ways on good terms, and this event happened the same week that Adriah was born (mid June).  The timing was both good and bad.  Bad because, well, no job.  Good because what mom of 4 wouldn't want another helper around for a few weeks!?
A few odd jobs later, Simon ended up working at Carmax (a nationwide used car dealership) starting in August.  It was good for a time, made ends meet, and was close to home.  But Simon was still searching for more of a long-term job.  He prayed desperately for a new job for the new year, and had been looking at some business opportunities here in Indy.  The same day he realized one job possibility wasn't going to work out, he got a call from his previous boss at Indiana Wesleyan University asking if he was interested in coming back to the admissions office starting January 2?  Oh yes, we've heard it before, God does have a sense of humor!
Simon is enjoying the familiarity of working back in the same office he was in for 4 years.  IWU is a wonderful place to work.  It is a one hour drive, but thankfully there are a few other people in our area with whom he carpools.  He also has a flex-day on Tuesday when he works from home and is also able to watch the kids while I go to IWU to teach my class.  Based on our past, we've learned not to guess at our future, so don't bother asking how long he'll be there or what we want to do next!
Simon is a wonderful father.  He and Christian do a lot together and Christian wants to do everything just like his Daddy.  You can find out what kind of Father he's aspiring to be on the blog he just started writing, Intentional Fatherhood.  I'm glad he's taking the time to write about something that is so important.  He has been very helpful with the children, I don't think I could handle being a single mom--- you're not meant to do it alone!
We love spending our evenings together after the kids are asleep, usually on the sofa catching up on one or two of our favorite shows.  (I'm actually writing this while we are watching The Bible series... what do you think of it? It's like reading the Bible in super fast forward and skipping a whole bunch of stories.  I'm still enjoying it's documentary-type storytelling).
I guess that's the summary of Simon for now.  He's a very supportive and loving husband--- we need each other!

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angela said...

Thanks for the update on your family! I am glad you are all healthy. Job changes are a roller coaster for everyone and I will be praying for you. Isn't it amazing, though, to see that God provides, even if it isn't exactly what we had in mind. I only have half the kids, but I can tell you from personal experience that parenting alone is hard, tiring, and kind of scary. What a blessing to have a husband alongside you to help, support, and encourage.

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