Spring Update on Selah & Jadah

I've forgotten to write for a few Sundays--- and tonight I'm attempting to write while watching Downton Abbey (after all the hype, we decided to give it a try...just started it a few nights ago).  Needless to say, I may sound a bit disconnected.
Selah and Jadah, two peas in a pod.  It'd be pointless to write separate posts about them, they are identical twins after all.  Blue-eyed beauties, both.  Their hair is different: we cut Selah's last summer due to a horrendous rat-tail.  And thanks to Christian's scissor skills, Jadah now gets to try out some bangs.  It's a nice differentiator.
They turned 3 in March.  They chatter and sing and have silly dance moves.  They are very particular about putting on their own clothes, saying good night (a dozen times), giving kisses on one cheek then the other, and having a kleenex to wipe their eyes after they cry: which seems much more often than necessary!
My mom has been able to spend a few weekends with them recently and has taught them the verses that Christian had learned (they also have been hearing him say them for 2 years).  It's so cute to randomly hear them rattle the verses off, even though they miss a word or phrase and are quite mumbly.

Besides normal church goings, they aren't involved in anything "extracurricular."  However, I have a feeling we are in for a lot of new activities with their growing (and more agile) 3 year old bodies.  I looked in the backyard yesterday and saw Christian teaching Selah how to hit a ball, they were using a tennis racket.  It was pretty adorable.  She was also attempting to pitch to him--- I'm surprised how patient he was with her!
Here they are!

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