Blog Resurrection

How does a person go about writing a blog in March when the last entry was in August?

Me-oh-my.  I don't want to overwhelm you with an entire life update in one post, so I will take a few entries to recap the lives of each person... not just for your reading, but for my own recording.  I'm afraid with four children, I have all but stopped writing in my journals for them.  The blog is sometimes the easiest way to remember events and special memories in my children's lives.

I'll start by updating about myself:

I love living in Fishers, IN!  I spend most of my time at home with the children--- they provide plenty to keep up with without even leaving the house.  They are lot to keep up with, trying my patience more than I imagined being a mother would.  But I love them so much.  I stay busy with the mundane and never-ending laundry, dishes, toy up-picking, and diaper changing (only one kid though!--- but I'm almost convinced that the time I spend wiping bottoms at the toilet each day takes just as long as diaper changes would.  Thankfully less expensive!).  They are growing fast and learning so much.  I'll tell you about them soon.

In January, I started a new endeavor: I am teaching a college class at Indiana Wesleyan University!  I was thrilled at the opportunity, it is an interior design class called Rendering.  Funny part is, there's only 4 students, but that's perfect for my first time!  I'm hoping it leads to more classes in coming semesters.

I also have about 4 interior design jobs that have come my way, and they are all so different!  God has really opened the doors to some neat opportunities, and I'm putting my faith in Him to help me accomplish what is required.

I enjoy our new church, Trinity (Wesleyan) Church and am starting to get connected by helping out in the nursery and attending Wednesday classes.  I'm also going to transition to the nursery coordinator position over the next few months.  I have been so encouraged and challenged by our pastor's messages that are pulled straight from the Word of God.  I am thankful.

I am quite excited for warmer weather to arrive.  Last spring was a whirlwind of pregnancy and moving, I'm hoping to do a little more yard work and garden prep.  And just to be outside and breath!  Big deep breaths of fresh air!  And SUNSHINE!  All you mommas out there are nodding your heads in agreement, I know.

I can't leave out the fact that I've steadily and slowly been doing house projects!  So far, I've primarily painted the basics to cover what was here when we moved in.  I still have to finish the laundry room, guest bath, and huge 2-story front living room (I'm considering hiring this out?!).  Once all the walls have a nice shade of paint, I will probably start getting a little more creative with embellishing them.  All in time.  I've obviously had to slow down the projects since January (with teaching and designing for others).  But that's okay!  Good things take time.

That's all for now.  Next week, I'll give you the scoop on the man of the house. :)  (and if you feel like reading ahead, check out the blog he just started: www.theintentionaldad.com)!


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Beth said...

Glad you are back in the blogosphere!

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