Pregnancy Update

The belly grows and grows (slowly, but surely).
Today I am 30 weeks along, so that means we'll likely meet our next baby in less than 10 weeks.
Here I was at 20 weeks:

And at 25 weeks:

And at 30 weeks:

Due date is still mid-June.  This baby moves like crazy (I guess that's completely normal, it's still just the most amazing feeling ever).  Hard to believe we'll have FOUR children in just 9 or less short weeks.  Oh Lord help me!  :)
We're in process with a house in Fishers, IN...hopefully we'll know soon if it's all going to go through.  We will be traveling to Maryland mid-May for Simon's brother's wedding, so our goal is to move before then.  Please pray that things can move quickly and easily with the housing situation.

Did you have ham for Easter?  We did too.  Check out THIS ham:

Hasta luego!


Trudy said...

You are looking as beautiful as ever, love! Gorgeous! And that Christian is looking silly as ever, too! Hope you had a lovely Easter....praying for everything with the house and move and such. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

oh Rachel you look fabulous!!! you Pottieger girls do pregnancy so well :-)
Love that HAM!!!!
Miss you all and pray all goes smoothly with your move!!

Cindy (Nina)

Anonymous said...



Keith and Wendy Puffer said...

It was the most amazing surprise to see you at the student center on Saturday! I can't wait to catch up. Let me know how we can connect.
Looking forward to chatting more.

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