A few weeks overdue!

Thankfully my title is talking about my blog post, and NOT about the baby in my belly.

I've been wanting to write for weeks, but have honestly always had something else to do (okay, ALMOST always).  I'll give you our life update in bullet format this time.

- We got our house!  We just closed on it this past Tuesday: homeowners again!  It was a HUD home (government owned foreclosure situation), so there were extra hurdles and delays, but it's finally done.  And thanks so much to new friends who offered to watch the children during the closing (we had no choice but to plan on taking them along)(and in retrospect, that probably would have been a disaster!)(also, my parents normally could have watched the kids, but they were in Iowa visiting Josh and Ericka for Malachi's dedication).
The entire house needs painted (started that on Tuesday as soon we closed), and it got new carpet yesterday.  I'm pretty excited to see the carpet, since I had to choose the color/type based on a text message picture from Simon while he looked at samples with the contractor in Indianapolis... while I was still in South Bend.  (yes, the "designer" had to put complete faith in her husband's decision even though I would have totally loved to pick it out myself).  It's a great house with a lot of potential, and I'm sure I'll share details as we complete projects.
We had some amazing people come on the spur of the moment and help us paint and play with the children!  Thank you all so much--- such a blessing.  Then we spent the first night in our house, the kids in pack 'n plays, Simon and I on an airbed (I forgot sheets, pillows, towels... we made due).  I felt like a 90 year old woman when I woke up the next morning!  :)  I was covered in paint (painted a ceiling the day before), but there was no way I was taking a shower because the hot water isn't working yet.  Simon was braver than I, but he had to be because he had to leave for Cincinatti for a work meeting.  I finished packing up the kids and prepping the house for new carpet, then I drove with the kids to Cincinatti to meet up with Simon and drive the rest of the way to Maryland.  Simon's meeting in Cinci was at the NCAA Baseball World Series, and they had some great kid activities (and free ice cream!), not to mention baseball.  It was a great little outing in the midst of a 10 hour driving day.  Our dinner time stop was aided by Cabela's, aka: animal exhibit for the kids.  And we still love Sheetz.

- Like I said, we came to Maryland on Wednesday.  Simon's brother Luke is getting married tomorrow!  We are so very excited for Luke and Lauren.  We will be here until Monday.

- We are moving to Indianapolis on Wednesday after we get back from Maryland.  The children will stay with my parents for 2 days to give Simon and me a chance to get the house in some sort of order and do more painting.

- I am 36 weeks pregnant!  Praying that baby waits to make its arrival until at least June 1st.  But based on how much this baby wiggles, I have a feeling it wants to get out and make its debut.  I've been feeling pretty good physically, and have my 36 week appointment on the Tuesday between returning from Maryland and moving to Indy.  I don't have to worry about choosing a new doctor though: none of the doctors in Indianapolis accept the type of insurance I have.  The hospitals, however, DO.  So I basically have to show up at the hospital and use whomever is on call.  I'm cool with that.  Just get the baby out.

- I am so excited that Simon and I won't have to be apart anymore during the week!  That 2 month span in our lives is over and we can be a family again.  Husbands and Fathers are so very important.  Simon is enjoying his new job and still in the learning stage.  It keeps him busy and his mind rolling, and he's meeting a lot of awesome people.  Seems to be a good fit.

- The children: oh. the. children.  They have kept me busier than anything else.  The lack of a daddy, a mommy busy packing and baby-laden, sleeping in multiple strange places, lack of sleep and eating unhealthy "travel" food have all contributed to behaviors I've never seen before.  They are fighting like cats and dogs, being disrespectful, and fussing a fair share.  Of course, there are good times too, and they can be completely sweet and adorable.  I'm ready to get into a new normal and settle down for good.  Oh wait, and then comes baby #4?!?!?!?  Pray for me.  :)

That's life in a nutshell.  Be back again soon, either with a moving update or a baby announcement!

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Lindsey said...

I am praying! So much going on. It is a good thing you aren't the kind to get stressed. SUPER MOM!

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