Re-arranging Life

God is arranging and re-arranging our lives in accordance with His will. Step-by-step, day-by-day, and with each circumstance we face. He is constructing a dwelling place for His Presence within us.       
---Tracie Miles (Proverbs 31 Ministries) 

It's hard to believe it's been over 3 months since Simon's last post about his evolving life-calling.  Like he said, he was hired at Panera Bread and spent many hours working there to provide for our family while waiting on where God wanted us next.  
For a month or so, we were highly considering moving our family to Georgia for Simon to do a 2 year ministry internship with 12Stone Church.  We visited the church and felt very good about the possibility (even with the prospect of raising most of our income and living on practically nothing).  But after 2 weeks of continued pondering, we felt less and less certain that it was right for our family.  
Simon started spreading word to friends and current pastors to see what sort of thing was available, as well as looking online through the normal job-search sites.  The city of Indianapolis started to pop up on a few of the job options, which we were open to.  At the same time, Simon got a call out-of-the-blue from the pastor of a church plant in Noblesville (north side of Indy) asking him about life and ministry calling, etc.  We are very interested in pursuing ministry at this church, and even though this hasn't developed into an actual job position, it was like a confirmation that looking in Indianapolis was a step in the right direction.  
A few nights later, Simon applied for a job with a non-profit organization called Truth@Work that focuses solely on mentoring and building relationships among Christian businessmen in the workplace. You can read a lot more on their site.  They have started launching a new program in which older businessmen/women mentor new/young businessmen/women in a program called Edge Mentoring, and the position being hired was for the Director of Edge Mentoring.  

Long story short, Simon went through 3 interview stages, summating with a dinner with the cofounder and his wife and myself in which they offered Simon the job.  


It has been a humbling experience for us all.  Simon enjoyed the change of pace he was able to have at Panera, but was starting to go crazy with lack of drive and motivation.  We know that this job has been laid before him by God, there is no other way we can imagine a job that suits his previous experiences better than this.  He will be overseeing the recruitment of potential mentors/mentees, building relationships with any and every one (and we all know he'll love that!), and directing the program as it continues to grow.  Not only is it a job, it is also a ministry--- the type of people that he will be surrounded with are committed Christians seeking to integrate their faith into their workplace, willing to encourage each other and remain kingdom focused.  I am thanking the Lord.

I am briefly reminded of conversations with Simon over the past several years, as well as his previous experiences.  Saying he had a desire to work for some sort of non-profit organization.  Enjoying the pace and challenge of the business world.  Having a heart to see Christ change people's lives...caring more about their personal life than what to do with their investments.  Wanting to be in ministry but not sure what kind of church he would fit into.  Succeeding at Indiana Wesleyan University as an admissions counselor, then assistant director... always receiving positive feedback about how well he recruited.  
And now, it all comes together.  And we all say "Oooohhh!  God you ARE good!"

So he starts: TODAY!  Way to go, sweety!  He will be working in Indianapolis during the week, working on his final thesis for his MBA, and looking for housing for us.  He'll then gladly come back to visit his little tribe on the weekends, and we will be so happy to see him!  When he finds a house for us to hopefully rent-to-own, the rest of us will make the move (to the north side of Indy, Fishers/Noblesville/Carmel)!

If you are wondering what our parents think?--- they are happy for us!  Simon's parents have been supportive all along.  I guess my parents were a little more hesitant...at first... as in, moving to Georgia.  So now Indy doesn't seem all that far away!  They are also in full support of Simon's new job and our move, even though they are dreading being further from their grandchildren again.

Thank you to those of you that have prayed for us over the last few months, we have grown as individuals and as a couple.  Like the quote says at the top, it is our desire that God's presence in us has increased due to His re-arranging process.  Please continue to pray for the right house and a safe move, for Simon's transition into this new job, and that I don't lose my mind with 3 crazy children having power-struggles over who gets to sit in the highchair.  Also, being pregnant has been harder this time, so pray that I can keep up and that the baby is born on June 1.  (Ha!...just because all our kids are born on the first of the month and I just want to keep things simple).  



Anonymous said...

Yay yay yay yay Simon! Proud of you and your attitude and growth through all these life changes! And proud of you for scoring this awesome job! Hope you guys can find a good home and all be together quickly. Love you.


Anonymous said...

So happy for you and your family! Feeling God lead and make a way for His children is so exciting! Blessings to you.

Beth said...

That's so awesome how it all worked out so well. Excited to have you guys closer too! Praying for a safe transition.

Kim said...

Thanks for the update Rachel. I love reading your blog and think of you often as either you or Ericka posts on Facebook. My prayer will be blessings on this next step and peace during this time of transition.

Kim Witman

::athada:: said...

Congrats guys.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It is very neat to see how God is orchestrating your lives. I am really proud of you both :) It is also neat they you will get to live in Indy where you already know people!


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