Twins' First Birthday!

We waited to have a party for the girls until my parents were in town, which was the end of March.  And now its the end of April...hmm, don't know where the time went.
 I had quite a bit of fun planning for the party, and I did more for this one party then I ever did for Christian's party, sorry buddy, maybe this year (and I think you're counting on it)!

I had been wanting to make these tissue-paper pompoms from Martha Stewart for quite a while, so this gave me the excuse.  I was making them a full 2 weeks before the party... Simon kept reminding me that I still had a while, to which I sweetly replied with a grin, "I know."


This next picture was taken the next morning... but wanted to show you the hanging pom-poms.  Confession: they are STILL hanging there now.  I took them down once, and it looked so bare.  I am now on the lookout for something I could hang in that corner permanently.  

Another project I had bookmarked was making fabric party hats from this post on Momtastic.  I'll be able to keep them for years (hopefully!).  And just the other day saw a different post of it here too!  In the middle of making them, however, I realized I had not actually bought party hats, but paper cones, as in, snow cones, except bigger and pretty, maybe for popcorn?  I know, you're wondering how I could confuse the two.  Just trust me, it was possible.  Besides, I got them on clearance for a buck.  And they are big enough for childrens heads, so it was perfect!

Getting the kids to keep them on was another thing entirely...


Anyway, party time!  We had chili (an easy crowd pleaser), my Mother-in-Law made the cutie-pie cupcakes (spice cake!), and my mom brought the ice cream.  A true party.

And so we gave the girls their cupcakes with a candle in each, I was busy telling Simon to watch Jadah so that she would't touch the flame... and as I looked back down, Selah reached up and snuffed her candle out with her fingers.  Oh poor baby!  She started to scream, and it took a while before the icing calmed her sniffles.  I felt awful.  :(
Everyone is happy...

And then she starts to cry...

It all ended up okay.  Her fingers were a little red, but no permanent harm done. 

Friends and family are so generous.  I am always awed when people give gifts to our children, so kind to shower them with sweet things. 

 Part of the gifts included new carseats for Christian so that the girls could start using his current seats.  I'm so glad they are finally facing forward.
Thanks again everyone, and happy belated birthday to my baby girls!

Here's a "parting" shot for you...


Anonymous said...

That parting shot is fantastic! I cracked up. ;) Also, I would leave the pom poms or make more in colors that correspond to your kitchen. They look adorable and wouldn't hurt the girls if they somehow fell down. You're a great mommy. All kids start playing with fire at some age... Selah just got an early start. Love you.


Team Tonagel said...

Couple things-

1. Your creativity amazes me. Adorable party.
2. Poor Jadah!
3. LOVE that parting shot. Makes me smile. Big.

Miss you!


P.S. I asked Jace yesterday if he remembered Christian and he responded "Yes, he's my friend!"

Lorena Lane said...

Love it ALL, Rach! I also love those Martha Stewart Pom Poms but have not made any yet. Everything looks beautiful, including you!! Miss you guys!

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