Project:Simplify Pantry and Fridge

Confession: I didn't do last week's hotspot!  It was children's rooms, clothes, and toys.  It simply wasn't an area that I felt was necessary at this time, also because it is an area that I am regularly clearing out and updating.
I almost skipped this week too, but my fridge was in need of a wipe-down.  After only living in a place for six months (yes, we've lived here six months now!), you don't accumulate too much excess in the pantry department.  So I declared to Simon that he was going to help me clean out the fridge, and he was like "okay."  What, that's all he says?!?  Why don't I do stuff like this more often?!  :)
The before and after pics are pretty much the same, but that's because you can't tell that the shelves and walls were thoroughly wiped clean.  I also don't have before pictures of the pantry stuff, but it looks pretty much the same.   I used water+baking soda+vinegar to wipe it all down.
Here's to a cleaner kitchen.
                                                               Before:                             After:

There ya go.
You should clean your refrigerator too. :)


Kim said...

I don't need to "do this one". I'm a bit obsessive about my frig and like to open the door and find the item I want with my eyes closed. Mark and Aaron mess that ability up sometimes. :)

Anonymous said...

The fridge and pantry are on my spring cleaning list. Josh and I are mostly done with downstairs- he helped me move the couches and tables and area rugs for vacuuming the other day. Now I have to tackle the upstairs- ugh. But... after I get the guest room done, perhaps I can start dreaming it into a nursery! Wish you could come design it!


bstockman said...

Thanks for the inspiration! We usually move enough that a refrigerator cleaning only happens when we move out. Well needless to say, we've been in this house for um...15 months and uh, today was the first fridge cleaning. :)

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