Friday Prayers

It has been 8 days of praying for Christian.  Every morning I write all ten verses on note cards so that I can carry them with me throughout the day.  He sees me carrying them and is always asking if they are my verse prayers.  The first few days, he wanted to sleep with them for his nap after I had prayed one over him.  I was okay with this until I found a few of them balled up in the trash.

I've simply been choosing times throughout the day to say the verse aloud with him, and that is the sum of the prayer.  But I was challenged by my mom (who is also doing the 21 day prayer) to take special times to really pray for him (not that one verse prayers don't count, but to take full advantage of these 21 days, I could push more of myself and my time into it).
I'm curious about the act of praying in my knees rather than another position (like say, while I do dishes!).  I think I'm more of an "out in an big open field with my arms wide" kind of person.  But I don't get to go walking in fields alone very often.  Did people in the Bible pray on their knees?  I wonder where the knee-thing started.  Maybe I'll give it a try.
Even if you're not doing these "official" 21 days, I'd challenge you to take some special time to pray for your son, or daughter, today.  You can pray for things like a servant's heart, obedience, honor, humility, purity, and pride.  You can't pray too much for your children.


Erin said...

What a good reminder. Thanks, Rachel. :)

Musing Mama said...

I like the idea of praying while on my knees. I've just been incorporating these into my daily quiet time, but after reading your post, I'm challenged to make a more special effort to lift him up in prayer.

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