For My Sister

I had been planning on making a bag/purse for my sister for Christmas.  She chose the fabric out over our family vacation this past summer and I was hoping she forgot about the idea.  :)  She also got a HP Mini a few days before Christmas, so I decided to make a quick computer case too.  I mailed them and we skyped while she opened her package.  According to her, she likes them (breathe out!).
The purse was made from a $1 pattern sale, yippee.  The whole thing went smoothly until the last step around the top: for some reason it all bunched up and looks puckery.  Thankfully, it puckered the entire way around so it looks like it was supposed to be that way.  Ah well, task completed.
And I want you all to know, if there is anything at all that you would like made, I would be more than happy to make something for you too.  I can do work at competitive prices and am willing to try just about anything, I can ship anywhere.  Keep me in mind!


Lorena Lane said...

Hi Rachel!

I just caught up on your blog and read through your most recent posts. Firstly, I LOVE the handbag. It's adorable... and I love how the little "puckering" mistake ended up working out. The computer case is also so cute! You have a great way of combining fabric.

Also, love the "Oh You Have Your Hands Full..." and "Road Trip with Mama" posts. Good for you for being adventurous! Christian is officially looking like a little boy now (instead of a toddler). He's growing up! Hang in there and stay firm and fair. You are a great mom!

Keep writing posts! I love to read them and look forward to updates. I usually learn about your blog posts when you post a new article link on Facebook... so I'll continue to keep looking for them!

BTW... how's your ETSY shop going? I'm considering designing some stationary and invitations, etc. I'd love to hear your perspective on the whole ETSY thing.

Okay... bye for now. :) Lorena

Kim said...

These are lovely Rachel...You may be the next "vera bradley" :)

Mom P said...

Very pretty Rachel. You still amaze me! Love it.

Anonymous said...

As these were gifts for me, I felt I should comment. LOVE> SO much. The purse by itself would have been more than enough. The computer case made it a two layer cake. I love the button! :) You're creative and wonderful and I love and miss you so much!


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