Favorite Things

I said a while ago that I wanted to enlighten you with a few of our favorite things around the house recently.  
First of all, ruffles! 
These lovely little shirts were a Christmas gift (Thanks Mammaw!) and these ruffles thrill me!...oh wow, I am officially a mom of girls.

Next, our favorite baby pj's.  The girls practically live in pajamas (no exaggeration), and they needed new ones desperately.  They got 2 sets for Christmas, but I knew we needed one more, so we found some on clearance at Target, our fave!...
And look at that cute little waving raccoon on her tushie:

This next thing was a Christmas gift from my mom to Christian, a way for him to learn his Bible verses!  We can switch out the cards with new ones or pictures, and take them off to carry around the house if needed.  The amazing part: my mom made this herself!  Who knew!?

And from my mother-in-law for the girls, a super adorable wall hanging, err, in this case, a door hanging!

Okay, here's some more pretties!  Simon and I stopped at a flea market before Christmas, and I got 2 little goodies.  
When I saw this, I knew it would be something I will probably never.ever get rid of.  (The birds were already owned. Do you like them there?).  It is hanging in the girls' room. 
And secondly, check out this address book:
Yep, the good old fashioned paper kind, even leather bound.  And I adore it.

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