The Boy Is Trained

We'd been working on potty training Christian since before we moved, but we never made the leap to being completely trained. Of course, moving and all the new things set him back a bit. We used underwear at home, but were still using diapers for naps, night, and going out. After Christmas, I was done with it, and we went cold turkey... no more diapers, EVER! For about a week, he continued to wake up wet or not make it all the way to the bathroom. So Simon took Christian to the dollar store and they picked out a toy! We hung it above the toilet and said he had to go two whole days without ANY accidents. At first, he was really upset that he didn't get his toy right away, but he finally caught on, and two days later, that toy was his!
He's had one or two accidents since then, but we now consider him trained. He goes by himself most of the time too. In our downstairs bathroom, which has no windows, he goes in, closes the door, climbs onto the toilet, turns on the light, climbs down and lifts the lid, then climbs onto the toilet (facing backwards), does his business, then repeats his sequence of closing lid, turning light off, and exiting. Finally, at this point, he needs help putting his clothes back on, but we're working on that too.
Also, this kid lives in shorts and no socks (yes, even when there is snow outside)(no, I don't let him go outside like this!). He must be warm blooded. He loves music (especially drums and guitars). And he likes to brush his teeth, but probably because he wants to eat his toothpaste. Soccer and basketball are daily activities, along with reading a few books and a Bible story before bed. He will do just about anything for a sweet treat, so we bribe him with cookies and candy to make him sing or say Bible verses in front of friends. These things bring smiles and laughs time and time again.
He also talks nonstop. Today while I was waiting for him to do something (and I was rather annoyed at him because he had not been obeying), he was jabbering about something, then stopped, and looked up at me and said "Mommy, I have a question for you..." I don't think he ever actually asked a question, but it made me smile anyway. I smile at the times he says "THAAAANK you Mommy", or, "I love you SOOOO much."
I love you too, Buddy.
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Mom P said...

Ah! What a sweet little guy. So glad you only have 2 in diapers now. I can just imagine the thrill of your heart when he says such cute things. I'm glad you are writing these down for him. Thanks for sharing him with us through the blog. I can't wait to spend time with you all again.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I can wait until February to see you all! Christian looks sooo old in this pic you posted! Tell him how much his Auntie Ericka loves him! (Auntie Ericka also loves her seeester. And Jadah and Selah. And Simon.) Thanks for sharing. You wrote very well... entertaining and insightful.

Team Tonagel said...

Wow! I can't believe you are officially potty trained. Jace can, though. Everytime we talk about poop and the potty he mentions you! SO proud of you. Now, listen and obey your mommy!

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