Still Waiting... maybe soon!

We've had a busy few days!
Since my last post, my contractions had decreased and I felt normal.  However, my rash has gotten steadily worse: my stomach first, then my hands and feet, even onto my soles.  My toes are so swollen I can't bend them and my ankles are bigger than ever before.  Little bumps everywhere.  They kept me up during the night--- SOO much worse than being pregnant!  I can't handle being itchy.  This kind of rash is called PUPPPS, and usually occurs in a first pregnancy or a multiples' pregnancy.  It doesn't go away until the babies are born.  I want to scream!!!--- come on babies, be born!
Pictures can't do it justice:

 And this is for any of you who have ever complimented my pregnancy physique... 
really--- it's not so pleasant:

Today (Sunday), my contractions picked up again, and were 10 minutes apart for several hours, this evening they have been more random.  But they have not yet been painful at all.   If nothing happens during the night, I am going for a check first thing in the morning.  Not that I'll be disappointed, but I'm hoping they come tonight. :)  I also think it would be nice if they were born on March 1st.... since Christian was born June 1st.

The baby shower was yesterday!--- it was so lovely!  We had a brunch, played some inventive games, and I got to open amazing gifts for the girls.  I feel so blessed to be surrounded by loving friends who make sacrifices to help others out.  I always feel like I learn so much from others when I am the one on the receiving end--- and I hope to put it into practice when I get the chance.

Playing a game where they had to guess how big around my belly was:
(way to go Jackie---got it just right!)
 Opening fantastic gifts:
 The ladies praying for babies and me:
Christian's favorite gifts from the shower:

Simon's parents have been visiting also!  Simon and his dad worked in the kitchen and put up some crowne moulding, wainscoting, and chair rail.  Looks fantastic!  However, our countertops didn't arrive in time, so it's only half done, with the backsplash, stove, and sink to finish.  Maybe in a few weeks!

My parents and Josh and Ericka were also here: great to see everyone!  Ericka has to work tomorrow, so if the girls are born, they'll want to come back the next day.  Sorry they weren't born while you were here!

Maybe our next post will have pictures of our daughters?!?!!  Or maybe it will be another update saying it might be 2 weeks before they're born. :)  Oooo the suspense.


Team Tonagel said...

You are one gutsy mama! I had that same rash all over my abdomen right after I had Jace and it was horrible! I went to the ER 2 nights because I couldn't stand it! And FYI-don't bother going there because there is nothing they can for you! I had such a great time at your baby shower and I think I may come over tomorrow just to see the girls' closet! Love you guys and are thinking about you! Keep me posted little mama!

Judith Cook said...

Ouch!! That looks SO very painful! I'll be praying that those dear little girls get an urgency to see their Mommy, Daddy & big brother! We're praying for you all as well.

Beth said...

Praying for you and the whole fam! Hoping those babies come at just the right time! God's time! You are doing such a good job.

Ericka said...

Were you sitting on the island to take the pics of your feet? I'm just wondering... how did you get up on the island!? ha. Also, where is the picture of Christian and me? It's missing from this post. Boo. :)

Holly Daly said...

Can't wait to hear the news of the birth of your twins :) I'm assuming they're in the right position for a vaginal delivery? My Baby B (Lincoln) was transverse so I opted for the c-section. But the recovery was nothing compared to the uncomfortability of the end of pregnancy! Either way, praying for two healthy babies.

Casie said...

Hi Rachel! I'm Tiff's sister-in-law and met you at her baby shower!! I've been following your blog and keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers! I'm so excited for your new arrivals!!
I had the same rash with my first - and understand how HORRIBLE it is!!! My doc prescribed Fluocinonide (i think that's how it's spelled) - it took care of it almost immediately. Hope it gets better!!

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