We've had a wonderful week here at the Henry's.
My mom came on Tuesday-Thursday: perfect timing to help finish the kitchen cabinets!!!  And finish them we did.  Turned out pretty swell.  Then Simon drilled holes and I added hardware.  I'll soon be able to post pictures BECAUSE ... (wait for it)...
I am quite excited and will probably go picture-happy.  Beware, future posts are bound to have way too many pictures... but I don't think you'll mind. :)
My mom took Christian out in the snow and they built a snowman--- it has since been one of Christian's favorite things to look at, even though by now the grape-eyes and carrot-nose have fallen who knows where.  It was really nice having another playmate for Christian, and one that is a bit more agile than myself.  They had a nice time getting to know each other better.  

I had an appointment on Thursday, I was 34 weeks pregnant.  I only got measured and listened to heartbeats.  Everything was fine.  Since the babies are the size as if there was only one, he estimated them to be around 5 pounds each.  That's a lot of baby! :)  And I'm feeling it.  My skin is stretched so much it is itching crazily.  Today I started getting a small rash under my belly button (or what's left of it)... that is also very itchy.  And I'm not one for bare-belly pictures, but this is just crazy:

I have another appointment this week and I'll be checked to see if there's any "progress."  I feel as though I could have these babies any day... no joke.  I'm hoping to make it to March: ONE MORE WEEK.  Maybe they'll come on my birthday!

Our friends Jeff and Tiffany Clark had their baby boy on Friday!!!... JOSHUA.   He wasn't due until around March 10 (I think), so you never know when babies might show up!  And we're also waiting for Greg and Amy Tonagel to have their 2nd boy, also due the first week in March.  

This week I have a few more projects I'd like to get done, including sewing!... it's been so long.  As well as finishing up the nursery, and the normal cleaning and laundry.  Then Thursday, Josh and Ericka are coming, Friday Simon's parents arrive (yay for finishing the kitchen!), and Saturday is the baby shower the girls.  And then it's MARCH.  March means babies. :)  Can you tell what I've been thinking a LOT about babies recently?


Ericka P. said...

How do you fit in ANY size shirt?! My goodness, I can't wait to see you in person! Hugging someone looks quite difficult. The rest of you looks normal and then you're got... well... the babies in the belly. You look good. :) Love you.

Team Tonagel said...

You seriously do look amazing! Can't wait to meet those girls of yours!

Beth said...

You are a trooper! I hope you at least make it to your shower! Please tell your mom that I am making abou 20 or so cinnamon rolls. Also, can't wait to see pics of the cabinets! You guys are my heros.

Beth said...

Oh, and P.S. -- can you imagine if maternity pants weren't what they are now... perhaps what they were when our moms had us... huge stirrup pants that could fit three of you in them post pregnancy. I'm sure there were not as many belly shots back in the day. So glad fashion has changed... :)

Toevs said...

i can't imagine how itchy and stretched your skin feels... i didn't see how mine could stretch any more and i only had one baby at a time! :-)
you really do look great!

The Bowman Family said...

awesome pic of your bare belly- love the description- can't wait to meet these Hen-twins :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like your doing great! Saw your link from Amy's blog. I have twins that are almost 2. The end of twin pregnancy is like nothing else, huh!? Affects every part of your body. I made it to 37 weeks and was able to breastfeed for 19 months. If you ahve any questions, feel free to visit my blog:
Best of luck in the coming weeks!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you've been reading my blog, hopefully there's been some helpful twin tips along the way!
I ended up getting an EZ 2 nurse twins pillow and only used it a couple of times. I found it awkward and cumbersome.
When they were first born they were so little that they really needed individual attention to learn to nurse. Once they were 2 months old, I started feeding them at the same time. I would sit in a rocker and prop pillows under my arms and use the cross-cradle hold with them. I used that position all the way till they were 19 months.
And at the beginning, I would feed whichever one woke up first and then wake hte other one up to make sure they stayed on the same schedule.
Sorry for the book! Hope that helps :)

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