Another Sunday...

It is hard to believe how quickly each week passes.  Wasn't it just Sunday yesterday?

It's been a good week--- at least I THINK it was... I can't actually remember what most of it consisted of!  We've had a lot of snow, so I've been staying home most of the time.  In addition to snow keeping me inside, I'm starting to feel more tired.  I think my body is telling me it needs some more rest before the upcoming events: I need to start listening to it!  I am moving around a little slower and starting to feel quite pregnant.  I've gained a little over 40 pounds!... and only a mere 8-9 pounds of that is actual baby.  Babies are moving all throughout the day and night, hiccups are somewhat frequent, and I'll find out more Thursday at my next appointment.

I got the panels of our kitchen cabinets painted, then cleaned and prepped the rest of the cabinets.  I spent 4 straight hours priming on Saturday--- with much thanks to April who helped me SOOO much!  (and thanks to Simon who took Christian to the basketball game for 2 hours!).  This week's goal is to prime again, paint, touch up, put up new hardware, and replace panels.  I think I can get it done if I stay with it.  We ordered new countertops that will hopefully arrive in time for Simon's dad to install when they visit at the end of the month.  At that point we'll also add a new sink, backsplash, and chair rail.  YAY!

Simon and I don't really celebrate Valentine's now that we're married, but he told me today he's in process of making an ottoman/storage bench for me!  I'm excited to see it. :)  I had mentioned he was making bench as his first project: let's just say he learned a lot from attempting it, but it probably won't be making it's way into our house (as it is both unfinished and unstable).  But this next one should turn out just fine.  I'll post a picture of it once it's done!

Simon's brother Luke came to visit his girlfriend Lauren (and us too) for the weekend... so we've had a lovely time hanging out with them.  My parents will probably come and visit sometime this week or next weekend, as they are quite excited to spend time with Christian, and I gladly welcome the help, as well as any foot massages my mom might be willing to give.  :)

Until next Sunday (which might as well be tomorrow) have happy days!


Beth said...

Thanks again for lunch! You guys are swell :)

Ericka P. said...

I hear you like comments... I have several! :)
1- You say that you need to start listening to your body and get some rest. You follow that up with 2 paragraphs of things you are working on. Just thought I'd point that out.
2-I want an ottoman/storage bench! When we move home, can Simon teach Josh this age old man hobby?
3-If you and I are ever prego at the same time, I claim ALL the foot massages mom is willing to give- just so I can make up for your head start. :) Bam.
Love you.

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