Hospital Baby: Day 4

I am working on getting over a migraine so this will be semi-short and sweet.

I am more comfortable in my surroundings and starting to make friends with the nurses who have been around for more than one shift.  I've discovered they like holding babies... And since Adriah is free to roam, she has become the little helper at the nurse's desk.  They all love her.

When the children visited today, my mom treated us to a special treat from the South Bend Chocolate Company (they have a shop in the hospital lobby.  This is South Bend, after all ).  THe nice lady who was working gave each of the kids an extra little baggy of chocolate covered blueberries and cranberries.  Ahh, the little things in life that can cheer us up.  :)

Another cheery event: rhythmic gymnastics in the olympics today! Had to call my sister and tell her...because that is truly something you don't get to see very often.  It was much more fun to watch than the 2 hour swimming race.   I dont know who would ever want to swim for two hours straight.

I thought it was funny that the Brazilian women's sand volleyball team had the word BRA on the from of their team "uniforms." Thanks, ladies, for labeling your attire, I couldn't remember what that thing was called.

Tonight my plan is to let the nurse give Adriah her night feeding and this mama is going to get a full night sleep!!! (so nobody better call me in th middle of the night!). Three cheers for me.  I can't wait.

Tomorrow is our last full day in the hospital!

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Life in General and Specific said...

I love your comment about the sand volleyball uniforms. I would feel so awkward running around in those in front of the entire world. And their bottoms never look big enough. Or, rather, their bottoms look too big! :) Also bad were the women's water polo uniforms. A one piece? Yes. Made to cover only the crack and leave their entire butt-cheek exposed? Also yes. (Sadly). Maybe when you and I are competing in the Olympic Equestrian contests we can change the uniform to something sexy like that... (evil grin)

Adriah is such a sweetie. Of course the nurses love her. Who wouldn't?

And thanks for calling me about the gymnastics. IT'S CRAZY STUFF.

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