Hospital Baby: Day 1

There are good things about staying in the hospital.

Like your food being brought to you.
No dishes.
People change your baby's crib sheets for you.
You don't have to worry about running out of diapers.
And there is an endless supply of burp cloths that I don't have to keep washing.
Being able to sleep in a nice room provided by the Ronald McDonald foundation.
A break from the constant job of mothering the oldest 3 children.
Getting a nap whenever I want.

Then there are the not-so-nice parts.

Not being able to carry your baby more than 2 feet from her crib.
Nursing a baby with wires coming out what seems like her every limb.
Not having baby wipes (ummm, yeah, apparently they're "not in the budget"???  Are you kidding me? Customer service will be getting a sweet comment from me on that topic).
Trying to keep my baby quiet so she doesn't disturb the kid in the adjoining room (we're separated by a sliding glass door and curtains, not exactly sound proof).
Not being able to be with my husband and 3 other children.

But today was a nice day.
I shared a picnic lunch with my mom and kids in the beautiful weather.
I napped.
Between the picnic, my own ordered cafeteria food, and the Ronald McDonald food, I think had 5 meals. (probably shouldn't do that every day). :)
I watched the olympics. 
I read blogs and Facebook and now I'm writing this. 

I'm guessing most days will be similar, so we'll see if anything interesting happens tomorrow!


Mindy said...

Hey Henerys;
This is Mindy...I am praying for you and your parents (grandparents) We had a close call with Ariston once. It was extremely scary. The hardest part was trying to forget holding my limp baby...its very hard to get images and feelings out of your mind. But GOD well, he loves you soooo much, and you just have to let him have ALL of this. Praises to the Lord that you are in the right place! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am so glad that Adriah is on the mend. PTL! I just wanted you to know that I laughed out loud at work when I read this. We here at Hershey don't have baby wipes in the NICU either! Most fustrating! I hope you do comment; you never know what will make a difference for someone else!
Continuing to pray for you!

Melissa K.

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