Knit Bibs

Every time my daughters wear these bibs, people give them compliments (and ask if I made them).  I wish I had!--- but I do not knit.  My lovely friend Katie made them as a gift (umm, yes, the same Katie that brought me granola bars, I aspire to be such a kind and thoughtful person like her)! 
She said she made a basic washcloth pattern, but added the 2 longer sections to go around the neck.  Then make a button hole and add the button.  Since I know nothing about knitting, this sounds difficult to me, but she said it's easy.   If you knit, give it a try!  They're sure to be a big hit and get many "oohs" and "aawwhs."
Thank you Katie!


BluBabesCreate said...

My kids had a great-grandmother that would knot beautiful things. Thanks for sharing.

Katie Rudy said...

Aw, thanks Rachel. It's fun to see babes walking around in homemade items, isn't it? I got the idea for the bibs from a pattern called Baby Bib O' Love, by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne. It's from Mason-Dixon Knitting, for any knitters out there. Here's the actual pattern as seen on Ravelry:


mikenlulu said...

cute! maybe i can share this idea with the teens/tweens knitting group i help with at the library. i think they would enjoy knitting bibs for charity more than washcloths. it just seems more fun. :)

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