Everything's Better Where?

So have you been curious what this was about?

Okay, you're right, everything is NOT better in Maryland.  But for now, for us, this statement holds true for Simon's job.  Beginning October 11, Simon will start his training as an Edward Jones Financial Advisor... in Hagerstown, MD!
Simon has been keeping his eyes open for something new, not because he wasn't happy with what he does now (IWU Assistant Director of Admissions), but because he knew there was something out there that would better fit his personality and gifts and provide for our family.  He wanted to do something where he interacted face-to-face with people, but which also allowed a flexible schedule.  He noticed this job opening in Hagerstown, where he grew up, so it is the perfect place to get clients.
Hagerstown was the place of his birth, childhood, and young adulthood.  This is the place where he played little league and school sports... where we met and dated... where we have memories of visiting family and friends.  And now it will become the place where we raise children, send them to school(maybe where we went to school), and grow as a family.  It will also be wonderful living so close to Simon's family! (they are in the same town)

We also realize this means new friends.  We have been extremely blessed by our friends here in Marion (and surrounding areas).  We share similar values, education, and family goals.  Making new friends will be a challenge: finding a couple that we both enjoy and get along with, and probably that has kids (because once you have kids, life is just different).  We know we'll make friends, but we'll really miss the ones we have so close now.

So obviously you're asking, "didn't Rachel's parents just move to Indiana?"  And the answer is, "yes."  It has been amazing having them live closer and being able to drive up for a visit.  Telling them we were moving was one of the hardest things ever.  But we will continue making the 9 hour drive (just in the other direction).  Skyping will become a much more common occurrence in our house.

We are planning on renting a house in Williamsport, MD (just a few miles southwest of Hagerstown).  And hopefully in a few years we will be able to build a house (advantages of having an in-law who is a contractor).   For now we can dream, but in the meantime, there will be a lot of hard work and long hours.  Simon will be in training for 4 months.  He will then build a client base and work with customers and investments.  Please keep us in your prayers during this transition.

Anyway, enough of the nitty-gritty, we will be moving the first week of October!  We are excited for a new beginning, and we have prayed a lot about this decision.  God has opened doors along the way, we are trusting Him to provide and guide us.  To those of you in Indiana, we are heartbroken to leave.  Please know that we will be visiting and will do our best to see you.  To those of you in the east, we look forward to seeing more of you!


Kim said...

Congrats on this big decision. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for rentals.

Judith Cook said...

I'm in the East...! Yay!! We'll be many hrs. closer AND sometime we'll have to make that nine hr. trip together!

Sara said...

just read this post. yay! twill be exciting to see you! hope the transition is smooth.

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