A Surprise from the Garden!

So a few months ago I decided to try something I'd always heard of, but had never done. I cut a potato up that had several eyes growing out of it, and planted each eye in my garden. The plants grew really fast, but I was always curious as to if anything was actually going to happen. See, potatoes grow UNDER the soil, and somehow you're just supposed to know when they are ready.... x-ray vision maybe? Today I decided to dig a little to see if anything had happened, and look what I found:

Yay! Potatoes! So I'll have to see how they taste. :)

Here's my garden, some lettuce and zuccinni and potato plants:

And here are some pretty daisies behind our house:
(Thanks to Mom Henry, I called them the right thing, I was calling them Daffodils!)I love the outside and the things that grow!

1 comment:

Team Tonagel said...

I'm impressed with those potatoes! Yum Yum!

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