Christian fell this morning right before we went out the door to church: he is now proudly displaying a bloody gash on his right eyebrow. Poor guy--- all he needed was some blueberries to get him happy again. Speaking of blueberries, I changed his diaper this morning and beheld a blueberry in it's entirety. That's right: a whole stinkin' blueberry! Way to go Christian.
So since it was still perfectly good, I picked it out, rinsed it off, and gave it to Christian to eat so he could have a second chance! Mmm, mmm, good! Heh--- you know I'm kidding!
(I considered taking a picture, but then had second thoughts)(although it may be something he would highly enjoy seeing when he's about 5).

Christian is walking like a pro now, with or without shoes. He is also the most confident and cheesy little guy I know. He keeps me giggling all day long with his face scrunches and gasps of excitement (if you've seen either of these, you know how silly they can be!). He gives me a hard time eating though: wants to play with it or drop it on the floor. He loves fruit though. He will be 14 months on August 1st.

My parents arrived yesterday and are staying for a few days. I love having the extra help! They were here for Josh and Ericka's Indiana wedding reception, which was beautiful and went very well: way to go Cindy! Josh and Ericka are now happily married and experiencing the newlywed bliss we all remember fondly.

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